Is it an SEO problem to switch from SSL certificates of a large domain registrar to those of a free software supplier?

I ask the following question while being a complete ignorant on the topic of SSL/TLS encryption technologies and “encryption certificates” so please excuse me for anything absurd.

My question

Is it a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) problem to switch from encryption certificates of a large domain registrar such as Namecheap or GoDaddy or Domain or Bluehost or SiteGround etc. to those of a free software supplier such as those by Let’s Encrypt, created with Certbot or by any other free/gratis “rival” of Let’s Encrypt and Certbot?

Why I ask this question

I ask this question because I bought several ecryption certificates from my domain Registrar Namecheap but my websote hosting provider is not Namecheap, rather, it is DigitalOcean and I was astound from how complex it is, at least in my mind, to use my domain registrar encryption certificates for my websites on DigitalOcean, compared to some other trivial action associating the two parties, such as Pointing DNSs from Namecheap to DigitalOcean.
There is no “Point certificates” simple action.

So, I thought to myself, if it is that complex for me, perhaps I should switch from “Premium” (payed) to “non premium” (gratis), but is there any SEO problem?

A detailed discussion on the same issue is available here:

Is it an SEO problem if I change an SSL certificate from that of a large web hosting company to one that is free software? – ISRG/Organizational – Let’s Encrypt Community Support –

Since the question has been answered there, I’ll close this one here :slightly_smiling_face: