Need some help picking a ssl cert. (Newbie to ssl)

I need a affordable ssl cert to use on my site. Looking for no more than $100.00 but i would prefer under $50.00 if there is such a thing for my need.

I am going to be usijg it mainly for whmcs. I purchased one not know what i was looking for and it was self signed. To my surprise, every time i went on the secure sections i was getting the error on the browser stating it may not be secure.

I just need a decent one that when visitors go to the secure section, they dont get that message. I dont know what wording i should be looking for when researching. If you have a suggestion on a particular one, that would be very helpful.

Thank for the help

My preference would be to buy one from your host, they will then set it up for you too. Then if you get issues they will support you too.

I have a vps and my host is not a ssl reseller.

Godaddy is normally pretty cheap. For something like this, I would opt for the cheapest, well trusted, cert you can find.

Would the premium ssl be better for ecomerce, i just want to be sure my users dont get error messages.

You wont get errors with any normal browser. It’s possible that someone using a very old or modified browser could get errors as they haven’t updated their trusted signer list. These are rare and would most likely be getting errors on most of the sites they visit.

If you want something better for ecommerce, EV SSL can provide a slight increase in conversions due to increased trust. EV turns the address bar green or shows a green secure area in the address bar. The actual increase is always up for debate, better debated by A-B testing. It’s not going to be near what a EV seller would ever claim, and I’ve literally seen statements like increase conversions by 300%, which is just a load of garbage. A few percent on a well established site is definitely possible, and would be well worth the extra cost.

An error is most likely to be caused by the way your site is set up, not specifically from the certificate itself. One common problem is having non secured items on a page, it may only be an image in the template, but that would trigger an error.