Hosting with namecheap and using a godaddy domain name. Where to get the SSL at?

Hello I am really not sure where this topic belongs here, but I am using wordpress so here goes:
I have my site hosted under a subdomain of one of my sites that has it’s own ssl. So it’s at - now I have a SSL for the and it’s working fine but I think every site needs an SSL now so when I go into wordpress to change from the hosted site domain ( to the I realize I will need a SSL certificate for BUT it is hosted on godaddy. So can I use a SSL from namecheap and add it to a godaddy domain name? Could this cause problems for where it’s hosted on my namecheap server?

Sorry, I know it’s a bit to wrap your head around. I just know I will need a SSL for the godaddy domain name in addition to the one it is hosted on that already has an SSL.


That’s not a subdomain. It’s a (sub)folder. That should be covered by the SSL certificate.

Ok, hopefully it is. So when I change it in wordpress with the new godaddy purchased top level domain it will be covered? Thank you.