Is it a 100% secure to sell your site using

someone contacted me to buy my 3 year old site using
is it a %100 safe to do it thru them.

I know it’s a legit site but i’m afraid after transfering my domain to his name he will ask them for refund. is this possible?
I never tried to sell my site before so I just want to make he will not be able ro rip me off maybe here you can find some info

I have used escrow before to sell one of my websites, if u need help with it contact me through PMS and i will get some paper work over to u

it’s quite safe, I have sell two domains there;

Quite safe. Still you can take a look on their terms to see how things go. This is the best way to answer all your question. Look on their site for further details.

Yes, it is 100% save and secure and i already have been used escrow once so don’t worry at all :slight_smile: is 100% reliable they release payment after only successful domain transfer

I like to know who usually pay fees? the buyer or the seller?

I end up paying half of it and the buyer ppaid the other half

yes escrow is a 100% secure and safe but their fees is a bit pricy

Escrow is safe. Just make sure you are receiving what has been advertised.

I bought a site about five years ago through Escrow and it was no problem at all. I believe there are other services out there that have differing fees, so that may be something to check into for the future. Though if your buyer wants to go with, that’s probably your best option.

Good luck with your sale!