Selling site, security


I have made many sites for others, but never sold MY actual site.

So I was wandering: What is a safe way to sell your site, and accept payment via PayPal?

As in, when I used to make sites for people, about 20% would just take the code and run, and on few occasions, they tried to reverse the PayPal payment (made and sold quite a few sites while freelancing, so seen allot of bad stuff).

But for this site, a hobby site that I have been updating for the last 3-4 years, I don’t want to make the money/code/domain transfer, just so a week later I see a PayPal reversal (if that happens, I still have the code, but it would have been released for “free”).

Any suggestions?

I also want to sell my domain but not sure where I need to put advertise to sell my domain :slight_smile:

IMO, Paypal needs a better service, or more competition.

You concerns are valid, Paypal is convenient, but not safe for domain sellers.
Since you are asking specifically about Paypal, I’ll assume you might not want to bother with escrow (which could be your best option)


[*]The most creative way to make Paypal safer (from what I’ve heard), is to send the buyer the physical delivery of a related product (i.e. a CD with the website files on it)
[/LIST]This way you have a strong case to prove to Paypal an “actual product” was delivered to the buyer.

  • Has anyone here tested this ‘plan’ and had someone try to rip you off with a payment dispute? What happened next?

On two occasions I had reverse a payment made for freelancing services. Both done by Indian freelancers posing as clients (guess they didn’t get payed, so they reversed the payment).

Paypal just gave them back the money and closed the ticket.

I also had a few people reverse payments due to “unauthorized payments”. That was for donations on one of my games, I guess the kids got their parents accounts or something.

What is a good escrow service? (cheap one and simple to use:p)

You should allow verified paypal members only. Also make sure it is a verified physical address so you can send it in from a cd like gemini181 said, ship it to them and keep the tracking number on paypal to give you proof you have mailed the product. In addition, never give up domain name until 14-30 days that way you have security over your domain. You can still contact ICANN and get it back but to sum it up never give out web files online until it’s all cleared

The sending a CD is a good idea. But why use Paypal? It’s the worst choice.

As gemini181 says, do consider an escrow over Paypal.

Places like SEDO and Moniker specialise in escrow for domains. They both offer a fantastic service at a very reasonable price. is the only way to go IMO.
Never use Paypal for virtual transaction. You have been warned! isn’t a company. doesn’t provide an escrow service for websites. more