Is game keyboard necessary for game player?

When I am free, I usually play psn game which can reduce stress and make me fun. But my gaming keyboard stop to run, I need a new one eagerly. My friend suggest me get one esports gaming keyboard, and he told me this kind of gaming keyboard ’main features:

1.Using pure PBT material two-color keycap
2. Full-key RGB lighting effects

While I suspect the follow-up to this is spam for a peripherals website…

Good keycaps will help the keyboard retain its lettering for longer; that said, unless you spend a lot of time gaming, the likelyhood is that you won’t wear the keys down anyway;
RGB - do you spend a lot of time while gaming looking at the keyboard? If no, why do you care if your keyboard is lit up? It would be an optional extra; it doesnt improve much of anything unless you spend time looking at the keyboard.


The only thing that could actually be a benefit of a gaming keyboard is a consistent low latency. Anything is else is marketing fluff.

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