Is Flash Dead?

Does SitePoint even have a Flash forum anymore? I came on here to ask if I should even continue trying to further my career in the field of Flash.
Is the game over?

As a web media yes, pretty much on is last breath however it does have other uses and media types.
I use it for designing and developing applications that require real time image manipulation which cant be done in a browser (contrast, brightness, zoom etc) but I dont use it for whole websites now.

Animated adverts, in site apps (think cars, design etc) are still going.

Should you learn it as a future investment? Probably not.

For desktop presentations and a few banners and some type of animations… some people use Flash but I would say that for me it is pretty dead.

Actors, painters, artists and many others still prefer to have a website in flash.

Personal, I do not think flash is dead. Not yet.
Uncle Flash is just lying on the ground.
And yet move a foot.

I see a lot of Flash programs displayed on many websites. But that it would become extinct if HTML 5 became mainstream or has many users.

[FONT=verdana]No, of course Flash is not dead. There are millions of sites that are still using it. And there are new sites still being developed with it. If you have existing Flash skills, you can still get work for a good while yet.

But, although Flash is not dead, it is definitely dying. Many of its functions have been replaced by newer, better technologies. And many others are simply no longer relevant. Fewer developers are using it. I would not advise anyone to start learning Flash now, unless they have a particular reason for doing so.

Personally, I’d be happy for Flash to disappear, but that’s not going to happen for a long time yet - unfortunately.