Adobe Flash- is it worth learning?

I am currently doing an open learning course of web design and it has come to the point where the syllabus contains Adobe Flash.

Now after not coming across many flash sites anymore, and reading a lot of topics on here, I believe it is almost extinct?

My question is, to a field of people that work in web design, is it worth spending the next few weeks learning this software if I’m never going to use it?

Thanks in advance

Well if you’ve learnt other languages before, learning to use Actionscript 3.0 isn’t particularly hard or taxing. There are many applications and websites that still use flash, things like media players, games and that kind of stuff. It might be more useful as a learning experience than anything else, since you get to look at movie clips, scenes and keyframes and that kind of stuff.

As Patche says, it still does have some uses, but in general it’s not much use for designing websites. It doesn’t run on all devices any more (think mobile devices) so is not really viable for websites any more.

Thanks @Patche & @ralph_m I can see what you’re saying, some website still use it and it would be useful to learn. I’m going to have a look through the module- knowing that I probably wont use it anytime soon, but always good to know!

It is similar enough to javascript to make it worth it even though the objects that you would use will be Falsh’s only and that can make you believe that it is different enough to make it NOT worth it.

Still, the more you know about different languages and programming ideoligies and systems, the better. And, who knows? It may be trendy again in the future! So if you have the time, great.
If you haven’t… well, you may want to concentrate on something more practical for your professional interests.

@molona As I’ve paid for the course I thought I might as well learn it. The nest module is on Javascript which I am looking forward to.

One language I am looking to learn after this course is PHP, I have used wordpress in the past and have seen how effective it is, so that’s next on the list!

ActionScript 2 does indeed closely resemble Javascript. But ActionScript 3 looks more Javascript’s big brother, Java.

Awesome cheers guys, I ended up learning it, then the module after was JavaScript. I could see the similarities, and the Flash scripting language (Actionscript) have me a good foundation to go into javascript.

So all in all it was worth going through

Cool. Glad that you enjoyed it :slight_smile: