Adobe Flash is officially dead... how do you feel?

Big announcement today from Adobe.

To more accurately represent its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond, Flash Professional will be renamed Adobe Animate CC, starting with the next release in early 2016.

Just a few years ago, Flash was a pretty big deal:


I think Flash was OK but doomed for several reasons.

True, the increase in mobile and the fact that Flash support was pulled from browsers helped in it’s downfall, as did security issues, but I think there is more to it.

At first it was a “Oh, look what I can do!” - all well and good.
Then sites began pushing the limits - too much of a good thing. eg.
Making “splash” landing pages that required flash to be enabled resulting in broken sites for those that didn’t have it enabled
Making mega-weight Flash files that consumed so much bandwidth it alienated many

Perhaps if it had used more moderately it would have fared better.

Well, i’d say neat. As i like creating animations with it.
Bad as it is just a rename. From what I read in a diff article the same security issues are still present. So for example right now am unable to upload .swf files to my wp site. had to create a quick .gif of it.

So I wonder if it will have browser support.

Browser support is already waining. By default on OSX, even Chrome and Firefox, Flash is disabled. That happened a couple years ago and ice had it that way in mine for over a year at least. I have no reason to turn it back on, I love it. It’s rare that I need to use the memory and cpu draining crapware.

But, this is more than a name change. It’s a refocus of their Flash Tooling and a push to web standards:

Looking ahead, we encourage content creators to build with new web standards

This is a better link.

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Adobe Flash is officially dead… how do you feel?


Oh, about Flash? Yeah, still hungry.

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Yey! something else to buy then (will have to wait) tough! A long time. :smile:



hmm. thought you were still hungry?

It’s a coming/going situation. This morning I was hungry again.

May you have a full bowl of flash then!

Only because Apple did not support flash on iphone and ipad, became the reason for its shut down. But adobe will continue to pitch it with different names and types.

Flash Player is officially dead, so now Mozilla Developers have to figure out new solution for playing video files in Firefox. earlier without Flashplayer firefox can not able to play youtube videos. Hope New version of Firefox can survive without Flashplayer :smiley:

HTML 5 introduced the <video> tag for that purpose - works in all modern browsers without the need for any plugin at all. So flash has become unnecessary in modern browsers anyway as they support video without it.

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Technology never dies it just lingers on in legacy form. There are probably still those people out there completely unaware their flash assets don’t work on most mobile devices. Not to mention it isn’t really dead they are just rebranding it. So I feel more sick than excited.

Rebranding it will not get around all the browsers that are disabling it as a security issue.

You guys should take a look at Flash Professional 2015, soon to be known as Adobe Animate. It’s not just a rebranding of the program. Adobe has made strides to convert adobe flash CC to a tool that can now be used to output HTML5 Canvas animations. It’s works very well too. I see the current version of Flash CC Pro as being the start of something new and great for adobe.

They have a one click option to convert your old flash files to html5 canvas format. You can take your old flash animations, like a banner ad, and easily convert it to html5 canvas. In a html5 canvas file you use JavaScript instead of action script.

I took it for a spin by converting a banner ad to html5 and the result was perfect. I was even able to use a google font in my ad.

Granted, the ad I was working on was short and pretty basic but the flash ad vs the html5 ad looked almost identical. Seemed to work in all modern browsers too.

It also did not seem to me that flash was spitting out horrible js code either. Looked clean and not alot of bloat. File size was small. I ran all of my images through tinypng and tinyjpg to make them super small.

I’m thinking the use for the Flash plugin is dead, but a tool to create html5 canvas animations is born!

I’m sure that when they release adobe animate that they will extend its html5 capabilities even further. The debugger works well too. So far impressed and looking forward to using Adobe Animate.

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