Is email marketing is viral marketing?

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Is email marketing is viral marketing if yes then why if not then why and what is the difference between also.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread as I didn’t know what viral stood for but now I think after reading this thread.Would a good example of viral marketing would be how Paranormal Activity marketed itself when it came out?

Here is a good definition of Viral marketing that will really help you -

Viral email marketing is pretty much a chain mail. The best types of viral marketing when online is when people like your message enough to spread it on bookmarking sites, facebook, and twitter. Personally, if someone is marketing to my mailbox without my permission I would mark it as spam.

Email is best kept for keeping your customers up to date with only the most important information they need to know. Make sure not to tick them off.

Email marketing could certainly go viral if you had an interesting enough campaign. However email marketing and viral marketing are two different things.

Typically with email marketing you want to build a list of email addresses by giving something away (free report, coupons, etc). You can use a service like aWeber to get setup and write an autoresponder series to sell to these leads.

Viral marketing is creating something so interesting that thousands of people spread it for you to their friends. You’ll see this done a lot with videos - check out the recent OldSpice viral video campaign on YouTube.

If you utilize your list and send out an email to them with something so interesting that they forward that email on to all of their friends - then you’ve intertwined the two.

Viral, by definition, is something that spreads by itself, simply on the strength of its message. People like it and spread it on their own.

email marketing and “viral marketing” are two different things, though they can overlap.

In viral marketing, you want to make sure that the message spreads around as much as possible, so you either design your email/its content in such a way that it gets spread around and target people likely to do this for you (for example I’m not one that passes emails around but many of my friends are). The message must be captivating, a link to a crazy video with a snappy/intriguing text for example.

However, email marketing is generally personalised and aims to enhance the relationship between you as the business and your individual customers - email to acquire new customers has become increasingly difficult due to spam issues.

Check out the wikipedia articles for the respective terms and it should be clear, if not come back and ask more specific questions.

They are not the same thing. Viral marketing is to make people automatically spread your product to other people. E-mail marketing, you know, is to send product information to your customers via e-mail. So they are different.

that’s quite difference, viral marketing need one code on your site “tell a friend” or “refer 5 friends”.
Once your product is good customer will input the email and click “send”.That’s one of viral marketing.

Yes it is a good example, the Blair Witch Project is another early example of how the Internet helped promote a low budget movie to become insanely popular and bankable. The only major difference between social (viral) marketing and email (viral) marketing is the issue of privacy where most people tend to leave or forward the messages with half their address book in the message (so it can be pretty bad as spammers pick up the lists as a free source of potential leads). :slight_smile:

Yup bro your correct also …

you can do viral marketing via email marketing :smiley:

if your email just contains information can not be viral no need to mention how much useful these tips were
however if we post some thing inspiring Breaking news a funn some thing that can attract reader to forward it to there friends

Email Marketing can be used as viral marketing in News Photofunia and religious type content
a breaking news can be viral

Email marketing can be viral. I often send out emails that contains useful resources to my associates and receive good responses as well. But many email marketing tactics are not viral as they just focus on selling… unfortunately.

If you hyip any product via ebooks videos will come under viral marketing categories

I totally agree. :smiley:

I agree with trailing. It really depends on how you are using email marketing. doesn’t seem like a viral to me if you only present information unless if it makes people want to spread it to 10 of his friends then that’s a different story.

email marketing can be the beginning for viral marketing, but this two are different things, email marketing is just ‘spam’ people with emails, viral marketing is action where people interest in your commercial movie or some image and then send them to others not only by email but also by using social media etc.