What is viral marketing?

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Can anybody guide me that what is viral marketing with an example and how can i do that, because i read so many posts about viral marketing but those posts were not so knowledgeable. So, I just want to know where viral marketing works?

If you still have any specific questions after reading this, don’t hesitate to ask.


Viral marketing in it’s true essence is one of the toughest things to do. Imagine a vid or an img going viral on FB. First off, why would everyone share it? Apparently, there has to be some high gravity component in it.

With that said, if you indeed want an effective viral campaign take off smoothly, you’ll have to figure out something people would get carried away with. Something like a great video which everyone would love to share. Put your name / co in title.

can you give an example plz!!!


Viral marketing is something that can make your content or anything that you are posting, publishing go viral.

In creating viral marketing strategy you need to have following things:

  1. Content is the King. So if you want to make your posts on social media try to use the magic of your content according to your niche.

  2. You can also make your marketing strategy work by sharing informative or funny yet relevant images on your profile.

  3. Try to release coupon or offer reletaed to your business.

For detailed information you can check out the below article:


I think it is like spam! A lot of adversiting companys useing link building as a viral marketing! A lot of services useing SEO and link building in marketing!)

I don’t see the similarity.
Spam is usually a quantity of unwanted content forced upon users.
When content goes viral, it is content that people like for some reason (in may be interesting, clever or funny etc…) and they will willingly share with friends on social media.

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Its not a spam. Its kind of strategy that you can include in your marketing approach but in ethical way. Spam are the links which takes people to some other place that they are not looking for actually.

Viral marketing is nothing but the rapid and tremendous sharing of a message or a portion of the idea behind that message that is used for marketing regarding a product/service for making more people to buy it. But what is important to note that not all the viral marketing strategies go successful. Using poor idea and choice of message can lead to failure.
I would give you the example of one of the free web-based services Hotmail, who have used a simple viral marketing strategy:
• Giving free email addresses and services to its users
• Attaching a simple tag at the bottom to their free message
• Stand back while people are emailing to their own network of associates
• Who can see the message?
• Can sign up for their own email services for free
• Propel the message reaching to their own circles of associates and friends.

If you are planning to go for viral marketing, then plan the message and make it visually appealing, identify and know the emotions of your audience, launch the campaign and keep it simple.

Viral marketing is helpful to attract users and retain customers by getting them to engage with your content and share it to their social media accounts. I believe that viral marketing is very effective, particularly in creating brand awareness. It may take some time, effort and planning but if it is done properly, you’ll get good results.

viral marketing works only if you site have valuable content

Really? Why is that?

It’s a marketing term. Which means spreading content (most of time video or image) on fast rate.

In relation to viral marketing that benefits a company, it’s that rare combination of resonating with a target market, having enough leverage/large enough audience to get enough traction behind the content and tying in a message that draws the user to your product/brand.

Thai Life Insurance do a fantastic job of storytelling with their series of TVCs. I’ve seen these go viral across plenty of accounts on Facebook lately.

Here’s that video:

Some brands are naturally cut out for viral potential. Think GoPro, Nike, etc. Other companies have potential, but need to do something brilliant to really capture the masses - think Sportsbet, Dollar Shave Club, etc.

Quality over quantity.