Which is most important for a Website Content or Backlink?

As we listen often Content is king but we can not avoid Backlinks also. Please share your thoughts here.

These both are equally important. I mean that’t true that ‘Content is king’ but if the quality content get the relevant backlinks then the website ranking at SERP will boost up.

However i also believe somewhere content is little bit more important, because may be backlinks can give good serp ranking but still if content is not good then the visitors will not stay at your website.


What is a website, if not its content? What are you expecting people to link to, if not the content?

Contrary to the myths about backlinks, it is the content which search engines index, and which they primarily look at when returning search results. What good is a page with 1000 backlinks if it doesn’t contain the information the person is seeking? And I can guarantee that human visitors to your site (which is the whole purpose of its existence, right?) do not care in the slightest how many links you have; they are only interested in the content.


Both are important. If you have quality content you get more shares and natural backlinks. More people wants to link to you.
But if you do not have a good content then you have to build backlinks yourself to rank it higher.

Sorry, I have to disagree. If you do not have good content, you need to build good content to rank it higher. Please read my post above. What good are links without good content to link to?

I suggest you also read Google’s guidelines on link schemes: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en

As there seems to be some confusion here over the basic principles on which search works, might I also suggest this video:


If you don’t have good content then you should be finding yourself another occupation!


I have to agree, content is King for a reason! It’s ultimately about providing value to the user, and this is done through good content.

I also agree. Although backlinks are of course important, content is still everything. Backlinks come from good quality content. A backlink is empty without quality content.

I have never read it before. tks for give me useful information.

I agree, Content is king only you have to build a good content to get higher rank.

Just to add to my previous reply, there are also ways you can optimise your content for SEO purposes - things like keywords, meta tags, embedding videos. Even the way you structure a text can make it more SEO-friendly. I found some good pointers in this article that might be worth a read. Ultimately you need to produce not just content, but valuable content.

Interesting to see peoples thoughts on this topic, I wanted to add some of my own from my experiences thus far. Google will try and show the most relevant search results for a particular query, while none of us know for sure I believe there are somewhere around 250 different ranking factors and this is increasing all the time.

On page SEO makes up a good percentage of these ranking factors so creating great content is by far the most important. When people link to your great content from relevant sites and high authority sites you are considered to be an authority on that subject and thus your ranking will improve for that page / most important keywords relevant to that page… An external link to your content is considered to be a thumbs up or vote of confidence for that piece of content, think of it as consolidation or being rewarded for the great content you have created and worthy of an increase in your position in Google etc…

Mistake I was making was getting all the on-page SEO factors right but my content was not of a good enough standard to acquire links. there are many advanced link building techniques out there but none will work unless you have great content to start with,


Website without content looks like a naked girl is standing around. How did you think about this. Content is most valuable for the website. Which will make your website more polish. And for backlinks is the 2nd thought. If you would like to drive traffic for the website then you can do this and for keyword ranking too. So in that case backlinks are needed.

Content is key and you can’t get or build backlinks if you don’t have content.

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Content is a king nowadays. If you make a great content and your readers find it amazing… ou can have 0 backlinks, but your website will rank higher comparing to a web site with the poor content but 1000 of links

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Content and backlinks both are important for website. If you have quality content on your website , visitors found that useful they visit again your website, they will share your content with their friends and family. If you don’t have quality content on your website visitors not come again to visit.

Backlinks is important for ranking in search engines higher, backlinks also drive traffic to your web page. If you don’t have backlinks, If you don’t share your website link anywhere then how people know that your website exist.

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content is most important for higher rank as well as traffic & sales

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