Is Context The Future King? Not Content Anymore?

I have always read and known that Content is King on the internet. But recently I have read that context is the new king or the future king and content is just a queen. What are your thoughts on these and how this will impact the future of SEO?

Without a context, that comment is a beggar! :lol: What does “context is king” mean?

Sorry for being vague. I mean Content + Personal Experience.

Context is important for the value of links in search engines. Content is still the king, when it comes to getting traffic from search engine :slight_smile: You need to have lots of great content.

Hm, that is vague too. Perhaps give a practical example of how this would play out.

Content is more important than context.Without content there is nothing.

whats the difference btw Context and Content ?

Absolutely. There’s no point in getting lots of well-positioned links on relevant pages if when people click through to your site, there’s nothing there worth looking at. (The only reason for doing that, that I can see, is if your sole purpose is impressions-based advertising, in which case you’re a leech and we really couldn’t care less). Sure, context is important, but that doesn’t address the key question – what is the point of this website? Unfortunately, there are too many websites that don’t seem to be able to answer that themselves…

Context is definitely king. Without an attractive, easy to navigate, well designed site, the best contents in the world will seem armature and illegitimate. The reason why so many WordPress layout follow similar design elements is because these patterns have been show to be the most easily navigational and/or readable. If visitors see a familiar site look and feel, that they already know how to navigate and use they are more likely to stick around. Learning time to use the site will also be reduced. So yes, context is king.

Well, if that’s what “context is king” means, I agree that it is important, but I’d say it’s better to have good content without context than the other way around, so surely content is still the most important thing. Context (in the way you’ve described it) is really only an issue because sites these days are typically choking on unnecessary garbage that just gets in the way. A better approach—IMHO—is to strip sites down to the important stuff … a lesson that the mobile web is forcing upon us anyway.

I think it’s safe to agree that in order to have a successful website, you need to concentrate on both context and contents. Don’t neglect one for the sake of the other, as this will surely lead to a decline in website visitors.

Yes, they are both important. I’m not sure context is the best word for it, but I’m amazed at how many sites do not make it clear what they are for or how they work. For example, there are lots of apps out there … but their websites doesn’t tell you much about what they are for. A lot is assumed (perhaps because you are supposed to pick this up from social streams) … but for recluses like me, the site itself must explain this stuff!