If you don't update your site, it goes down?

Assuming you have a site which serves its purpose long-term, and doesn’t need updating often (i.e. for months). Will this have a negative effect on rankings + search results?


I think continuous update is much better.

Update continuously for the sake of it when no update is required and you’ll sink to the bottom.

Continuous update is only better when the con tent needs continuous update.

Never, if you have any updating section in your site, keep update it.

Updating Content may not be necessary, however tweaking of Title, meta tags on the basis of keyword performance is helpful.


Not if they are already correct.


The most useful thing you can do with a site where the pages already have correct content which have been properly optimised for the search engines is to add additional pages of content. That will both show that the site is still alive and will provide more reasons for people and search engines to come back. Don’t touch pages that are already doing well.

Updated Content + SEO = High Traffic/PR

Updating of a site is important because they need attention so that they will be more google friendly sites.

This is gibberish.

Why does updating a site make it more Google friendly?

I have static sites I haven’t touched in years and they do really well in the SERPs.

Adding more content may attract more search traffic because you’re unwittingly targeting more search terms, but it’s not the fact you’ve updated the site that’s the factor here (unless it’s something like a news item where freshness might be important).

definitely not, but what about if another site of same niche develops latest content? then people visit new site often.

Not necessarily and certainly not if you already have pages that thoroughly cover the subject.

Unless the information changes over time there is no need to go back and change it.

Adding extra pages will be far more useful because you can target more search terms with the new pages to bring in more visitors and provide more reasons for other sites to link to yours.

There is also the factor that if you add content to an existing page that ranks well you will have to re-figure the balance of keyword terms on that page. In other words, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

As far as I know, it’s not. I think blogs are the ones that should get updated.

The difference witha blog is that all of the entries are dated and so if you don’t add new entries reasonably regularly then it will appear to be dead.

The only affect that updating your site has is to determine how often the crawler comes back to visit your site.

Neither blogs or traditional web sites are considered “dead” and deranked by the engines if they are not updated regularly. Adding “fresh” content to a site (any site) simply causes the engines to crawl the site more frequently. I suggest adding NEW pages to give your site freshness, not constantly changing the content on existing pages. The engines try to find a balance between your content generation rate and their crawl rates. It doesn’t directly affect how your URLs are ranked.

URLs on traditional sites that haven’t been updated in years STILL rank well in a lot of cases… Same for blogs… If they don’t, it’s because their competition kept building links and passed them by… not because the URLs on the stale site somehow expired.

But people visiting a blog where the latest post was five years ago will consider the blog to be dead. If you are not planning on posting regularly then a blog is the wrong format for your site - this has nothing whatever to do with search engines and everything to do with choosing the appropriate tools for building a site.

I agree totally… A stale blog if truely used as a blog generally will not be very appealing to users.

But these days the lines are blurring between blogs and traditional websites. Lots of people are using WordPress as a CMS for managing static pages. I was simply pointing out that a page can go years without being updated and not be negatively impacted from a ranking perspective.

So many people think the content on a page has to be “fresh” or updated frequently for the search engines to continue to rank it well.

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