Is AI used in UI/UX design?

How people engage with a product or system is shaped by its user interface. and use of AI increase efficiency of the work in design.

Is it used? I’m sure it is.
Should it be the only thing used in a design process? No.

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Yes, AI is increasingly used in UI/UX design. It aids in automating tasks like data analysis, user behavior prediction, and creating personalized experiences. AI-generated design suggestions and prototypes help designers make informed decisions, enhance user engagement, and streamline the design process for optimal user-centric outcomes.

I’ve seen some really good projects, but others pretty awful using AI, way to fake and creepy…like fake life is taking over real life

Do you understand how AI works or are you asking because everyone is talking about AI? AI is very stupid unless it is properly trained. An AI system must be properly trained and the input it receives must be accurate and complete. Providing the input might be the hard part. What would the input look like? Would it be the database (the data)? Would it be the type of data? If any of that then it could choose a UI from existing UIs for similar data. People can do that too.

That sounds like an AI generated response. I apologize if I am wrong, I might be. But when I ask ChatGPT the question, the response begins with the same words.

I think ChatGPT does not understand UI/UX. I do not understand the relevance of data analysis and user behavior prediction. Application requirements are more important than user behavior prediction.

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