Is “Accept Cookies” well past it’s sell by date?

Accept Cookies seemed like a good idea at the time but has now been painfully abused… with intrusive popups preventing web pages from even being read.

Web users must now realise that regardless of accepting cookies their surfing history and other information is vulnerable.

If the web designer wants your data they will get it regardless.

Is it? Probably.
Is it going to go away anytime soon? Not likely?
Why? It’s law now. GDPR doesnt get overturned by the internet community going “It doesnt work” annnnytime soon.


yeah sadly it has to stay. Its quite ironic though that the entire point of it was to prevent data collection without permission but the fatigue of having to set permissions if you click no means I pretty much just hit accept and give permission to every website.

Actually getting to content seems pretty hard these days as you get the cookie popup - join our mailing list popup - allow alerts popup - random video starting on scroll - don’t go here’s an offer popup

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Is me or are the “do you accept cookies” pop-ups coming up more frequently recently in general (no particular site)?

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I feel it’s more that the popup/panel is much bigger (i could be wrong). It used to just be a simple strip across the bottom with an ‘accept cookies’ button and a link to privacy policy. A lot of site I’ve been on seem to have a great big preferences panel that blocks the screen so you can’t ignore it.

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I think it would be far more sensible to have an “Accept Cookies” option and let the Internet Service Provider accept all the annoying popups… especially since the internet security is being exploited on a daily basis.