Your thoughts on 'opt-in' cookie bars following gdpr in europe

Incase you didn’t know Europe introduced a new data protection law (GDPR) which has lots of parts but a lot of which focuses on website personal data and how you are tracked etc.

I am finding that before the the law came in i visited websites and i probably was tracked without explicit concent as i probably ticked some ‘continue’ button on the cookie bar slide up panel to get rid of it.

Now I am finding that a lot of websites i go to have a massive great panel rabbiting on about GDPR and disabling this and that and do i want to disable cookies etc.

In theory the ‘disable’ cookies button should do just that but most i’ve tried just give you an explanation of how to disable cookies on your computer. Which i don’t want to do.

So it’s got to the point that i now just click ‘accept’ on pretty much anything so i can actually view the site.
Previously i would have been tracked without my knowledge, now i am actively giving concent as i just can’t be bothered to think about every website i visit and having to do ‘extra’ work. (perhaps i am just lazy).

anyone else finding this?

Same here. I was hoping there was an addon that would automatically select the most private option available but since each site implements it differently it would be very difficult to write. At this point I am considering blocking all cookies with a whitelist of sites I want to stay logged in to and just clicking accept on everything.


After writing that post I decided to try it.

I found a Firefox addon called “Cookie Autodelete” that works really well. It accepts all cookies while you’re on the site but deletes them as soon as you leave. The site’s functionality still works but the cookies are deleted as soon as you leave. It also has an easy to use UI that lets you whitelist specific sites.


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