Have cookie laws changed recently?

I am finding more and more sites now instead of asking a simple question, do you want cookies? are asking which cookies I want. Given that I’m only prepared to accept the bare minimum it can take several minutes to deselect the ones I don’t want.

Is it just a new fad or have the cookie laws changed? I assume it’s just in the UK and Europe.

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I’ve noticed that the dialog already has deselected all the ones I’ve deselected on other sites.

My conclusion is that this is a Google service and that they recognizes the browser.

I haven’t bother what technique they use and how I can counter that, yet. The ID they use for advertising is an option, of course.

I will dig into the matter, eventually. :slight_smile:

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Some sites are relatively easy to tailor, but others I have to scroll down a long list of options de-selecting “legitimate interest” each time.

When I scroll down they usually are deselected already. The mandatory ones are the only ones left.

Can I offer you my Google ID? :smiley:

I guess this topic could fit the Marketing department?

I think everyone is growing comfortable with the laws now and are beginning to min/max the solutions. I know that when they first came out, several clients were scared of the implications and just went for a hack and slash solution where it was all or nothing.

Then as time went on solutions came out (one solution we use is OneTrust Cookies service) that then allowed us to offer the finer granularity of allowing users to choose. The idea here is that people will not want to step through it all and consent to everything or consent to something rather than consent to nothing.

@Erik_J It is interesting to hear you say that you are seeing selections based on decisions you made elsewhere. Sounds like Google might be taking it up a notch and using cookies to track which cookies you have chosen to accept… would that be cookie inception??? :shifty:

Just started happening with me too. Cookies are information about our computer, that a website
uses to identify us. Cookies allow a website to store data on the client’s machine for quick
processing, rather than downloading it each and every time the website is viewed or loaded.

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