Introducing Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live

We’ve done articles, blogs, books, kits, and videos, and now we’ve decided to bring the best parts of them all together … I’m proud to introduce:

Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live

So, what is it? I’m glad you asked.

Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live is a fun and exciting way to finally master JavaScript. For 21 days, you’ll journey through the JavaScript landscape with some of the best JavaScript programmers on the planet to hold your hand. Oh yeah, and Kev too :).

But that’s not the best part …

As each day of the program rolls over, Kevin will unveil a new piece of the JavaScript puzzle. You’ll work through a combination of book-quality written material, videos, downloadable content, and mini assignments. You’ll also have access to a (spam-free) private forum to ask questions and socialize with your fellow students.

But that’s not the best part either …

I promise that at the end of this JavaScriptology* you’ll confidently proclaim: I now know JavaScript. So much so, if you don’t like what JavaScript LIVE has to offer, I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

Keep reading …

Now you might think “21 days straight … I can’t afford that sort of dedication to learn JavaScript.” That’s cool. When you join, you can choose to follow the live group every day, or go at your own pace. Each Friday, there’s a live Q&A session, and you also have the weekend to catch up if you do find yourself falling behind.

Yeah, that’s cool—but I can do better …

So what’s the best part? You see, this type of product is new for us, and seeing as it’s our first time, we’re offering this course at a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

You can participate in Kevin Yank’s JavaScript LIVE for only $9.95!

That’s 75% cheaper than our JavaScript books, and your chances of finally mastering JavaScript with live help, video, worksheets, and peer support are so much better.

Now that’s the best part!

So if you’ve been thinking you’d like to master a new skill, or perhaps you’ve given JavaScript a go and struggled with it in the past, but would like to give it another shot … sign up to Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live today!

*I threw in JavaScriptology as that’s what I wanted to call it—but no one thought it was cool enough. :slight_smile:

Is this mostly JavaScript or will he be using a framework? In the course outline I see JQuery mentioned once.

Is there a good reason to not use a Javascript Framework and learn the raw code? Will this be beneficial to when you use a framework later on?

Will there be mention of the different kinds of frameworks such as jquery, dojo, etc… and which ones seem to be used most or easier to work with or more robust to work with?

I know there’s alot that can be said about them all so I don’t expect comprehensive discussion on it, but a general comparison or just thoughts from the gurus on which route may be more beneficial.

Hi does anybody know what time the videos will begin in the uk, would like to sign up but want to be able to watch the videos…


Cool idea!

I only disagree w/ 1 part.
“21 days straight … I can’t afford that sort of dedication to learn JavaScript.”

I can’t imagine learning core Java Script for 21 days… jeez~ I’m sure many wants to finish it matter of days. Not sure if I’ll have enough patient to follow for 21 days. Still, I’m very interested in the results of this training course! G’luck!

Brilliant! Amazing! You guys at SitePoint never cease to amaze me! :eek: :smiley:

You can count me in :tup: :wink: I’m looking forward to this because I know it’ll be top-notch quality as with all of the other learning materials you already have published, but also because of the price! I mean wow! $9.95 is really cheap and like Kevin Yank said in the video, it’s less than just $10 to learn the JavaScript language.

I would have expected it to be a bit more than $9.95 because of how much you’ll get out of it, but hell I’m certainly not complaining! :smiley:

Can we expect to be seeing more of these SP Courses in the future? I’d like to see maybe something like this:

  • Tommy Olsson’s HTML Live
  • Paul O’Brien’s CSS Live
  • Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live

Perhaps even more courses too! Looking forward to the start of the course! These course will certainly compliment my copy of Simply JavaScript and the other new JavaScript books I have now! I’ll be a master of JavaScript in no time! Mwahahaha! :lol:

Andrew Cooper

Any prerequisites at all?

Particular s/w requirements?

Any idea of what time the Q&As will be?

I think the course seems like an interesting idea. I’m going to do it. The true cost is the time invested in the course. The financial cost is almost nil, and I’m cheap.

Looking forward to it.

Great idea! Looking forward to getting started with this. Nice one Kevin / Sitepoint.

Excellent idea! I’ll sign up tonight.

Sign me up for Paul O’Brien’s CSS and Longneck’s MySQL!!

I too could enjoy courses of this type on other things but anyways - have signed up for the JScript live and look fwd to learning at least something more than I have right now - which is not enough at all. It is still the master of me - I want that reversed. This seems thus far a great idea.

I shall hope times for this will work in to my schedule on EDT.

Wow, thanks for all the great questions, folks!

Mostly we’ll focus on pure JavaScript, but there are a couple of things that are so painful to do without a library or framework (mainly because of Internet Explorer incompatibilities) that we’ll use jQuery to make them easier.

Is there a good reason to not use a Javascript Framework and learn the raw code? Will this be beneficial to when you use a framework later on?

Absolutely! A framework will save you a lot of time and typing once you start building real-world projects, but an understanding of how that framework does what it does will enable you to use it with much greater confidence, and fix things when they don’t work as you expect.

I don’t plan on dedicating any assignments to comparing frameworks; however, if it comes up in one of the live Q&As or in the private forum, I will certainly talk all about it. :slight_smile: When we need a framework for the coursework, we’ll use jQuery.

Each day’s assignment will probably be released late afternoon UK time, though we’re still working out the exact timing for things. You can watch/read/tackle them at any time that is convenient for you, however. The live Q&A sessions are a little more time critical if you want to participate in them as they’re going on, which is why we will run two Q&A sessions each week at very different times, so people can tune into whichever one is most convenient. Of course, if you can’t make a live Q&A, we’ll archive the recordings for you to watch afterward.

At this point, JavaScript Live is something of an experiment for us. If it’s wildly successful, it goes without saying we’ll do it again and again, polishing the experience and bringing in exciting people to teach exciting things. The one thing I can’t promise will get better is the price, though. :slight_smile:

I’ll assume a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, though you needn’t be a master of these.

Particular s/w requirements?

I recommend having Firefox installed, mainly because I find it gives the best error messages when you make mistakes in your JavaScript code. Safari, Chrome, and Opera are almost as good, though.

Any idea of what time the Q&As will be?

Because we expect participants from all over the world, we’ll run two Q&A sessions each week at very different times, so you can tune into the one that works best for you. We’re still working out exact times, but even if you miss the sessions live, we’ll post recordings of them so you can watch them afterward.

The true cost is the time invested in the course. The financial cost is almost nil, and I’m cheap.

That’s a really good point, actually (that the financial cost is nil—not that you’re cheap!). :smiley:

We expect a lot of participants in the US, so I’m pretty confident we will settle on a schedule that will work for you. As mentioned above, however, we’re doing all we can to keep it as flexible as possible, though.

Yes, I’m one of those people that got the book, looked it over and put it aside thinking that I’ll get to it one of these days. This is just what I need - thank you!

I think this is a great idea. :tup: Well done.

I’d be interested to see what the Q & A sessions will look like if you do get 100’s if not 1000’s attending.

@ShayneTilly, Maybe the church of Javascriptology

Awesome idea, I sure hope that non programmers like me will find this doable. Thanks for trying this, I hope it succeeds immensely so you will offer other courses like this too :slight_smile:

I’m on vacation the first 3 days of this course, but I’m sure I’ll catch up.
I’m assuming this starts the 26th, but you might want to check the date on your video telling about it, it says the 27th :stuck_out_tongue:

Just signed up! This is fantastic, I hope it works out well. I could really use this. I thought I would have to spend a bunch of money on books to learn JS, then this comes along. Looking forward to the start!

Hi, I am excited about this JavaScript Live session, i am planning to register for it, but i would like to know the timings of the lecture as i am based in Chennai, India so i doubt that the morning time there might be evening or night here.

Does any one know here at what time the live session will start :).

@ashutak - points about 6 posts above where all the information that you want to know is posted :slight_smile:

I like the idea, I’ve thought about doing screencast’s / tuition too, so if the trial does well, perhaps there might be a market for some of us to get involved! :slight_smile:

PS: I know JavaScript fairly OK due to the book DOM Scripting so it’ll probably be just repeating ground for me. :frowning:

I too bought the book had a quick skim and is now gathering dust with all the other sitepoint books - I’ve got the whole set! Saying that, the ones I have read have been fantastic and really helped me so I’m giving this more ‘disciplined’ approach a go. Looking forward to it and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of these!