New Courses: HTML5 and CSS3 without the Hype — Just the Stuff That Matters

Having just concluded our third SitePoint course, CSS Live with Russ Weakley, it’s with genuine excitement that we announce details of two new courses that will knock your socks off!

HTML5 Live and CSS3 Live with John Allsopp

We’re all really excited with the prospect of HTML5 and CSS3. Heck, I’m a marketer, and even I can see the positive impact this long overdue and refreshing change to the way we build websites will have.

But there’s also a lot of hype and many conflicting opinions that do nothing but serve to confuse us all. That’s why I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with John to develop both an HTML5 course and a CSS3 course that smash through the hype.

These courses will focus on what you as a web designer can use and apply to your own or your clients’ websites right now.

If you’re a web designer or developer and want to keep up with the HTML5 and CSS3 revolutions, these are two courses you don’t want to miss.

So, to the details:

Grab a Double Dose of HTML5 and CSS3 — and Save $5

If $9.95 and $14.95 isn’t cheap enough for these courses, I’ll throw in more incentive. Sign up for both — and I’ll knock $5 off the price. That’s the two-week HTML5 course and the three-week CSS3 course for only $19.90!

Sign up for both courses now.

Full details of the HTML5 Live course, including a video of John sharing more information on what to expect and a [URL=“”]lesson plan, are now available. We’ll do the same for CSS3 later this week. So if you’ve been thinking “I really need to get up to speed on this stuff,” secure your place now — we may need to close the doors early if demand is too big.

These courses appear to be for existing web developers to expand their knowledge. Does anyone have a good starter class or book to recommend? I currently only know enough to be dangerous

@Linda, for a book I’d recommend Ian Lloyd’s Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition (

These courses appear to be for existing web developers to expand their knowledge. Does anyone have a good starter class or book to recommend? I currently only know enough to be dangerous. :slight_smile:

The only part that is live is the Q&A sessions. We’ll repeat them several times to cover off different time zones, and those will get posted to the FAQ page for each course.

What time the courses will be offered live?

Was lingering on amazon at a book; perfect timing! I’d rather spend £13 on HTML5 and CSS3, guaranteed quality!

Looking forward to them both; keeps me busy right up until the start of Uni, woo!

That is exciting news! There were a lot of requests for these during CSS live.

The dates are a bit unfortunate as their right in the middle of the summer holidays around here.

I know they’ll be available afterwards but I also hope you will do these again soon, as following a course live with a large group active on the forums at the same time and attending the live Q&A really rocked in CSS live.

Nice! I’m sure that I’ll be signing up for these. Advanced PHP Live / OO PHP Live starting the 2nd week of September? crosses fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

whoops :slight_smile: fixed

i believe u missed to type the signup here for HTML5 course??

The HTML5 and CSS3 courses assume some knowledge of existing markup (HTML 4 or XHTML) and CSS standards. This is because both are extensions or additions to existing standards. But, in general, all the courses have been pretty accessible to somebody with minimal knowledge. The CSS Live course with Russ Weakley would be fine for somebody with only HTML experience. And, the same pretty much goes for the javascript and PHP courses. Though, it would make sense to get a good grasp on HTML and CSS before trying javascript or PHP in general.

While I haven’t read them, most of the Sitepoint books are generally recommended as being good for beginners. Perhaps this one?

That’s even better news!

I’ll be sure to sign up.

Actually we listed the date for CSS3 incorrectly – it starts August 16 and runs through until the first week of September (John running two courses in parallel would have been impressive!). Not sure if that changes things for you? (above post updated)

I’ve been staying tune for a while now…is there any new information about this?


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HTML5 actually started a couple of days ago but the live Q&A sessions haven’t taken place yet so you can catch up. You should have received an email receipt with details to register. If you didn’t, PM me your email address and I’ll take a look.

More details on the book coming soon…

I have just paid to do both the HTML5 and CSS 3 courses. Can’t wait.

When do I get the details on where to go when the course starts etc?

Also, Jeffrey Zeldman posted on his blog that if you do the courses you get a 20% discount for the HTML5 for designers book. Is this being arrange by Sitepoint?

That is exciting news! There were a lot of requests for these during CSS live. and I’m signed up to take John’s CSS3 class.

Thanks Louis, I downloaded the book and so far it is very easy to follow. I’d definitely recommend it for beginners.

If you are already enrolled, try going directly to the dashboard:

Some other people reported problems getting the emails about new lessons as well. Personally, I just go right to the dashboard shortly after the new lessons are supposed to be posted.

And, if you aren’t enrolled yet, but do have your order number, try this link: