Internet marketing for free website

I want to know you have free website or free web space if properly seo can get same traffic like other paid hosting.

Free webspace is good for practising and enhancing your basic SEO skills only. But for real online business, buy your own domain.

I completely agree with you, I don’t believe in free things. I’m with hostgator and the service is fantastic. ‘Pay and you get paid back’ :smiley:

The only time I have seen free hosting sites rank well is when they are on the blogger system I have noticed that the rankings have decreased though throughout the years.

The traffic does not depends on the free hosting or paid hosting. It all depends on the work done by you. Google or anyother search engine does not value your website based on the hosting, rather they use other strategies related to ranking your website.

Some of the important things to consider for getting trafic is,

  • Optimise keyword for your website.
  • Make the content unique.
  • Most important, get quality links to your site from other sites by posting in social bookmarking or by anyother methods…

I ma not agree that free web hosting is good for seo work. I always prefer paid web hosting.

Better to purchase domin and host wome where it hardly cost you includomg all aroung $25 to $35 and it’s hte best idea

Not always, but it’s true that if you start draining all their bandwidth that they may impose restrictions on your website to ensure others using the service aren’t as badly affected. If you have a website that’s gaining popularity it makes sense to purchase proper hosting anyway as you’ll have a better infrastructure and more flexibility in what you can do with the site (which is a good thing for visitors). Free hosting really isn’t a long term solution! :slight_smile:

the only bad thing with free hosting is when you get high they remove your account

The best website hosting and builder I have used is, for those of you who enjoy the free route, they have great free website hosting for as long as you want. For those who like to have they’re own domain name and premium hosting, they start at $3.94/month

Hmmm… I don’t think free thing can beat the paid things.
Usually free things have many limit. I and my brother sacrifice some money, then we get a lotof money, so i prefer to use paid things.

Don’t rely on free service. Go for quality paid web hosting services. There are a lot of paid services and it’s only $10/month and below.

Go for quality web hosting websites.Almost all are paid.

Free webspace sucks big time. If you want to build a business from your internet presence, don’t use free webspace, never.

Always use paid hosting and your own domain name.

But who am I talking to? Is your user name any indication of anything?

There’s also the issue of branding and advertising which may draw away from how you appear. Because you’re going to be on a subdomain, may have banner ad’s, may be restricted with what code you can use (et al) you may find that you could indeed encounter a few problems in relating to what you can achieve. If you want to do something professionally, just buy the domain and hosting, it can be done so cheaply these days (on a basic package) that it doesn’t require much consideration. :slight_smile:

Free website can not get same traffic as paid hosting site. As in free hosting, you have limited admin power to update your sites and you are not allow to changes much regarding on page optimization while in paid hosting, you have much admin power. you can add lots of plugins, redesign your sites, making it search engine friendly. Therefore paid hosting websites get more traffic than free.