Free web hosting and free domain names

Ive just found out that I can get free domains and free web hosting.

I want to build a couple of websites, optimize them, ad adsense and affiliates etc and make some small cash. Has anyone done this before…?

Is it really this easy…? Im sure that the hosting service or domain people will want a cut of the profits otherwise why would they give it away for free…?

If this is the wrong forum I do apologize, just couldnt find a more appropiate one.

There are two problems with the “free” stuff…they’re severely limited/restricted and/or loaded with ads, and these “free” hosts and “free” domains can simply disappear at any time.

What you can do is set up a free blogging account on or, though you won’t make any money off them.

Once of the less expensive routes to go is to purchase a domain name through or, and get shared hosting through ($7/mo, currently)

I’d say money makes money. If you want to get income from website you should pay some cash to start your business secure and perspective

I have no idea how free web hosting service providing works for sure. But I recommend you to check freewebspace forums to get answers and to get some ideas on providers which can provide services you are interested in for free.
Good luck

Ofcourse, Free Hosting providers get the data and databases. Let us say, someone has purchased a VPS or a Reseller package and starts offering Free Hosting services, (s)he has a huge data of many users signing up for Free Hosting. This can be used to earn cash. To conclude, nothing is free in this world.

Free hosting has too many problems. if your going to make some sites and work to get them listed in search engines just buy hosting and domain name. Blogger is free and you can have adsense and other affiliate programs on it but they also take blogs down so i would not use blogger. Blogger took down alot of blogs in the last year i would not use them.

Just get hosting and set up a wordpress blog and websites.

Another problem with Free Hosting provider is that it can be shut down without any prior notification and you would loose your data. There are free hosts that also place the forced banners and ads on your websites.

What James is saying happens to a lot of people who tried to go for free but eventually lost a great deal of time, talent and effort invested. One big problem with free webhosting and domain is that they’re never going to be yours and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help yourself out once the system shuts down or just delete your account. Nothing works better than just buying your own domain name and pay a little money for your webhosting. The ROI will be a lot better than the free stuff. Think about it.

Haha if it was that easy… everyone would do it :slight_smile:

No, its definitely not that easy. You can have the best website on the planet - but if it has no traffic, then AdSense is worthless.

Free Hosting - very much a ‘you get what you pay for’ thing, more often than not, the less you pay for hosting, the worse the service you get.

I’m not saying ALL cheap hosts are bad, but on the whole they work by cramming a lot of sites onto each server, giving you a very small piece of the pie to run with which affects the perceived performance of your site.

Yes, free hosting is everywhere, but it’s no so good.

I’m not like use free hosting. Just invest your small money for best hosting.

A better option would be to get the more reliable shared hosting with a host that gives a free domain. That way you get the best of both worlds.

dont get misled by free website hosting offers rather go in for paid and secure web hosting

Generally these "free " stuff has some catch in them not every but most of them. Some times these free stuff can be for some limited period and after that they ask you to pay, as you want to earn some money then after that particular period you have to compulsorily buy their paid services.