Instant messaging service


I was wondering if there are any plugins i can use on my website that starts an instant messaging facility. I dont want to customize it, i simply want to have a “Live chat” link. When this is clicked i want the chat to open…

Can i do this?


Hi, I’ve seen people use htttp:// for people to ‘live chat’ on their websites. Try it out tell us what you think about it. :slight_smile:

Check out digsby:

LivePerson is the one most people know about:

Though if you just wanted some personal “click and go” messaging service you could always have a link to start a conversation with you via an Instant messenger, programs like Skype, AOL, MSN and Yahoo all have their own pseudo-protocols which can be used (like skype://) to start a conversation. :slight_smile:


The above suggestions that you have given, can these be used as such so that i can simply have a link saying “Live Chat” on a website and it will open the chat up?

I am quite interested in

It seems simple enough. But i dont want to have to run the .exe file on all computers where the site is used.

So i simply want to click a link and then the chat starts. Is this achievable?