Need live chat software for WordPress

HI guys I need live chat for WordPress website. I have got some good reviews about eAssistance pro and zopim. can any one tell me which is good?

Well, you can try to see both of products, but as per users reviews you should use eAssistance Pro live chat software.

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As to answer your question.

I’ve found the best LIVE chat support I’ve used for WordPress is something called Zopim. You’re able to configure your chat window to suite your website and you can also have instant messaging to skype and google chat. From experience Google chat worked better.

Other providers charge for this kind of service. Their support is also phenominal. There is both a free and premium version. I’ve tried dozens of instant chat services and Zopim is hands down the best for me and my business.

Please note, Zopim is not a WP plug-in, it’s an independant service, you must download something like Scripts n Styles plug-ins to embed your javascript to get it working. I am more than confident you won’t have any issues.

Let me know if you have any issues. Somebody else on the forum might be able to give a different outlook on the matter. Wishing you the very best of luck.

Hi Sega,

I don’t agree with your message. There is 2 different types of chat tools. One is free for everyone that is skype, google, yahoo messenger, msn messenger etc. Anyone can approach you to chat online. You can say, these are social chit chat tool. Second…live chat software for business only. For example Live2Support, Boldchat, Zopim etc). There is not allowed social chit chat. You have control to manage your nice dashboard. You can initiate chat with website visitors, Pro-active chat, push URL feature. You can also save chat transcript for future references and quality monitoring. These tools not only help you to chat with your customers and website visitors but also help you to monitor your website visitors behaviour and website performance simultaneously.

Live2Support, Bodchat …etc also can easily be integrated with third party systems (CRM, CMS, E-commerce website etc)

According to me you should use eAssistance Pro live chat software because i am also using this for my site its really good compare than to zopim.

I feel you’ve misunderstood me. Basically zopim is awesome because when they send a support chat you will receive it as an instant message on Skype or Google messenger. If like myself you’re always connected to the internet, and work online you’d prefer to get notified instantly when people send you a message rather than having to go back and forth to the providers website.

According to me you should use eAssistance Pro live chat software because i am also using this for my site its really good compare than to zopim.

Would you care to let us know a little more about why you think it’s better. I am not considering switching as I have it very good with Zopim. However, other’s might be, so give you a a little more information why you feel this.

Hi Sega,

Thanks for your explanation. I didn’t get your point in the first reply. Yes Zopim can now access through skype and other chat clients. I also using Live2Support with Gatlk IM client. Thanks for your time. You rocked …nice

I think 123 Live Help is suitable for your website. 23LiveHelp can be installed to your CMS, like Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, etc, with users single sign-on. Hope it can help you.

Thanks everyone

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