Chat options for Wordpress?

I’m looking for a quality live chat plugin for Wordpress. I don’t mind paying a one-time charge (ie. no monthly/yearly plans) for it.

I’ve tried a few from the Wordpress extensions directory but they’re not that good. “Chat” seems nice but it’s not working in Chrome.

Can anyone recommend some good options?

Thank you!

To clarify … I’m looking for a chat program that offers private chat between our business and individual customers. Not a public chat.


Like a live IM session? Maybe join Meebo and add a widget.

No. Not IM where the chat is public.

More like Live Person, where a visitor clicks on the Chat button and opens a private chat windows with one of our customer service reps.

The meebo chat is a single box on your page. It says if you’re on or not, if so the person inputs their name and starts typing. If you, as the owner, is logged onto meebo, an IM pops up. One IM per window. Only people that sees the IM is owner and user. I had this on my old site and people could give live feedback.

Hmmm. That may work. I’ll take a longer look at Meebo.

Thanks Ryan!

my old site: Ryan ‘s Blog
Right now you could say something, and if I was able to log in (can’t at work), we’d be talking. If youh are wanting something for a support staff, like Dell or something has.

In widget section, just drag and drop the Meebo chat feature. You can customize too.

Have you tried livezilla? It’s really a good one to consider…and moreover it’s FREE!!

We’ve been using LiveZilla for a site where text chat support only was required and it’s fine.
It also comes with a desktop application for windows, like a messenger.
And installs automatically from CPanel Fantastico (if provided by your host).

I use ClickDesk live chat plugin for WordPress, it’s a one step installation and you’re all set to receive chats on you Skype or Gtalk. Check them out!