Installing .net and sql server

Hi. I need the install the vs studio 2008(3.5 framework) and ms sql server 2008 in windows 7 ultimate(64). Can you pls tell me the list of software that i need to download ?

when i try to download I find different versions and getting confused to get the right one. I need the sql management studio express also. Pls help me to get all the downloaded softwares so that I can work on and ms sql server.

First of all start windows update and install all updates
Then install VS2008 x64 on your machine
SP1 or any latest
Install SQL Server 2008 (Some time it wouldn’t install management studie so download it and install)

thats all.

This will get you started with the appropriate software to start building .NET apps:

Firstly update your system then you install IIS. After that you install VS 2008 It takes much time while installation then restart your system and remove all features of SQL server which are install form control panel then restart your system and then install SQL in mix mode.

mine is i install VS2008 but now im using VS2010 and SQL Server 2008.

i use vs2010 and sql server 2008 and the ajax downloads. .net 4.0

Visual Studio 2010 and Sql server 2008 you can get it from torrents ,download them and install it.You will get the Sql Server Management Studio.Be careful while giving passwords during the installation of SQL Server 2008.