Help configuring Visual Studio 2017

I have recently installed Visual Studio 2017 Community edition in order to get back into programming since my stroke nine years ago. (You may remember me. My old username here was Serenarules and I was a mod / advisor for a while.)

The issue I am having is that my system does not seem to have the SqlClient assembly. Can anybody tell me how to get it? Or does it not come with the community edition?

I haven’t upgraded yet, But if you go to “tools -> connect to database” you don’t see something like this?


You know Mitt, I didn’t even think to check it that way. I’ve used implementations of my IDataProvider interface for so long now, it just didn’t occur to me to try that. I’ve been instantiating everything in derived classes for nearly two decades now. No automated connections or data bound stuff here.

As it is, I think the answer is that the Community edition, while a fully featured IDE, simply didn’t come with a lot of the tools and libraries that the Professional and Enterprise editions do.

The answer was actually quite simple, but having not coded in some time, escaped me. NuGet. I just used the manager to grab the libraries from Microsoft and I was good to go.

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Yes, that has caught me before. I’m going along, encounter a hurdle, search and find just what I need, then learn that I can’t get it without upgrading to an edition with a lot more than that one thing I’m interested in. If I ever get to a professional level I might, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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