I am not getting this error?

Iam using visual studio 2015 and mssql of 2012

Looks like you uninstalled something you shouldn’t have…

Or didn’t install something you should have :winky:

Maybe try these?




I installed those three files but Still is is not working.

I guess that’s both good and bad.

Good because you aren’t getting any more error messages - suggests all the needed files are available.

Bad because it’s likely a problem with your code logic - these can be more difficult to trouble shoot.

Maybe a conditional isn’t being met when you think it would be?

But I am just adding a new connection so there is no code. I mam not using any query in my c# or anything.

.net - Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.SqlServer.management.sdk.sfc version - Stack Overflow

The answer from Greg Veres is specific to VS 2015 and SQL Server 2012.

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but i have issue with

Did you read the page he linked to? You might find it very enlightening :wink:


Ah, that post has two of the three I previously linked to.

But he also says

from SQL Server 2014 Feature Pack. Pick the 32 bit versions if you need to.

and I linked to 64 bit.

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