Inspirational Items: How do you gather and keep yours?

Hello all,

I currently use my Firefox browser to save all my inspiring links but this is getting too much! I have over 500 links? Is this normal? Do you guys have more than this or am I too trigger happy?!

I want to use something that will help me keep these bookmarks/items together in a nice easy way that I can find exactly what I need later. I don’t really think sites like the social bookmark sites (delicious) will help me as a designer since I don’t think they have any great features that my firefox browser doesn’t already have that will help me as web designer.

So what do you guys use to keep your bookmarks/inspirtation items in a nice sortable, findable way?

I have asked this on other forums, the best recommendations I can remember is Google Notebook or a piece software, can’t remember the name of it but it was for macs, I am on windows machine though.

Thanks all

For educational resources that are simultaneously inspirational, I use delicious. I just find it the easiest. I agree that the sorting options are beyond optimal, but it does the job for me.

For design related inspiration, I use LittleSnapper, a Mac-only application that allows you to make screenshots, write notes on and about it, sort it in various ways, and it even has an integrated browser right in the application itself.

I don’t know whether there’s an equivalent for Windows or Linux, however.