I am finding myself in a situation where I know have hundreds of bookmarks of various articles around the web. I tend to bookmark 4/5 articles every day for future review/returning to and I need a better solution for managing these.

I currently organise these with the default tools in Safari and use xmarks to sync them down onto other machines that I occasionally use.

Is there a better way of doing this? How do you organise your bookmarks?

I would be interested to hear your solutions to this,


I use Google Bookmarks

How do you find Google Bookmarks? Does it integrate well with most browsers?

Google bookmarks is the only bookmarking tool I am using since 2006. With Google toolbar installed in your browser (IE/Firefox), it is easier. For other browsers, you can use a bookmarklet. For firefox, there are many other extensions available.

Thanks Syam.

Anyone else have any suggestions?