Inspirizone - A Web Design Inspiration Gallery with a beautiful UI

Hi guys,
I just launched my web design gallery with a new beautiful UI.

Put simply you can like, filter and browse websites via category, tag or even colour and the inspiration feed is updated daily with new inspiration.

I am also considering putting a blog on the website, what are your opinions?


I’m not sure, but I think you posted this in the wrong forum. I’ll check to see if a mod can move it to SHOWCASE.



Oh yeah, I was supposed to post it in there! I guess I was browsing it and already had this page open so I assumed it was the same page…

Hey there.

This post was moved from Showcase. It really isn’t an appropriate place for it. This is a site-review request :slight_smile: .

However, I would use this thread for suggestions / feedback since that seems to be the main purpose of this thread.

And I’ve just moved it again, to Design & UX, which seems to be a more appropriate category than HTML/CSS.