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I’m looking for advice on why my Wordpress site doesn’t show up in the SERPs yet. Also, there seems to be a discrepancy in how it appears when searched for with or without the www . The site name is
www . leopardshoes . org

The history is:

March 8 - Setup site as addon domain in Hostgator
March 8 - Setup add-on domain redirect & checked off “redirect with and
without www checked off”
Note: I did not check off the option for Wild Card Redirect
March 8 - Installed Wordpress and activated All-In-One SEO Plugin
March 8 - submitted About, Contact, Privacy pages
March 8 - Submitted 2 400-word posts and pinged them
March 8 - submitted robots.txt and activated Google sitemap plugin
March 8 - Social bookmarked site through Digg, Delicious, Mixx, JumpTags

March 15 - Submitted third post & pinged it

When I search for the site without the www, (Google leopardshoes . org), I get a pre-Wordpress version of it that Google cached on January 18, 2010.

When I search for the site with the www, (Google www . leopardshoes . org), I get the current version of the site.

o Shouldn’t I get both these searches to be resolved to the same www . leopardshoes . org? That’s how my previous site searches have worked out.

o Although the site appears to be indexed, it does not show up anywhere in
the SERPs. Shouldn’t this be showing up since it’s been 2 weeks now?

o What can I do to help Google place this site in the SERPs?

o I know that WP has the Blog Visibility option defaulted to yes. Am I better
off keeping that disabled until I have the blog pages and 2 posts submitted
so there’s some content for Google to discover or does it not matter?

o Has the site already been sandboxed or do I need to wait longer to have it
show up somewhere in a search for “leopard shoes”?

Any Advice Appreciated


I would say no www.

The shorter the better. Your keywords may be measured as a percentage of your total url, so removing 4 characters (www.) will give your url a better mark.

Other benefits include increased readability, and possibly even a higher ctr on the search engines.

touche dan touche

I would say no www.

Well, I’m not trying to select between the two choices (www or not). I’m trying to get the searches for both to resolve to the www one. Right now,
the two seperate search types for the domain come up with different results
even though I set it up both in Wordpress and on Hostgator to resolve to the version.

Any advice on what else I should do?



This code will redirect those www. pages to non www. pages

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]


If you put that in your .htaccess file

Log in to Google Webmaster Tools, then add and verify ownership of your site. One of the options in there is to specify your preferred domain. That should result in, eventually, the non-preferred domain version of any pages indexed under both getting removed.

Google considers these two as two websites (domain with www/ no www). This is called as canonicalization! The issue can be solved by adding .htaccess file that redirects to a single version. I don’t know much about its coding, may be mkoenig had given the correct one! For more information on this you can search canonicalization in Google and you will see the SEO advice from the Google Engineer Mattcutts. All the Best!

I think they recently fixed this error.

That’s not an error, those are two different websites. Nothing says you have to serve the same site on the www subdomain.