New pages are not being indexed on my wordpress site

The new pages which I am adding on my wordpress site are not being indexed I dont know why, its been weeks but the new pages seem to be dead in serps. I checked the site map but nothing works.

I have added two domains www and non www in webmaster tools to ascertain geotargeting in Google do you think this could be the reason. Things are working fine on Bing and Yahoo. My site is in my signature

Please give some idea of what could be wrong.


You can use <a href="domain"rel=“follow”>page</a> this coding for indexing your page.

Are the pages listed in Google at all? If you so a site-restricted search, are they showing up there? If the answer is yes, then Google is crawling and indexing your pages, it just doesn’t think very much of them at the moment. If the answer is no, then Google hasn’t found the pages, and that’s a different problem to solve.

You could, except that it would be completely pointless as it doesn’t do anything. There’s no such thing as rel="follow". If a link isn’t set to nofollow then it can be followed.

Yes google is showing them when i paste the url in the search BOX of Google, other wise it isnt despite the fact the content is 100% unique

  • Ping the search engine
  • Submit your Sitemap to the search engine
  • Submit you RSS feeds
  • Submit your website to social bookmarking website
  • Get backlinks from website which frequently get crawled
  • Use fetch as Googlebot tool
  • Create a good internal linking structure

Please merge both versions of your website… Though, this is not the reason for not getting indexed but this practice will split your backlinks between two versions and hence none of your website version could get credit which it deserves.