Independent back link checker

Not anymore, hence my post.

open site explorer & backlink watch are good. I also use a software called SEO administrator…it was good but you can use it for 60 days…you can try that as well. You can also try Traffic Travis…it is a free application as well but not sure you can check backlinks just give a try.

I use an addon for checking backlinks and indexed pages called webrank. It gives quite good analysis information. For just backlink checker backlinkwatch .com is good one and free too


It looks like this thread suggests you need to pay to get link detail from MajesticSEO. You can actually download all of your own back-links for free as well as many other things. It is only links to URLs that you don’t control that you would need to pay for. This is the same with most the main link tracking technologies our there. The strongest crawlers are OpenSiteExplorer, MajesticSEO and AHrefs - but the pricing varies between the three.

Dixon (For Majestic SEO).

I use it’s the best for me.

I am using Seo Power Suite and I think it is best. Or you can use online seo tools as like

I use backlinkwatch and opensiteexploer. I thinks these are good to use.

I’m a huge MajesticSEO fan. They offer a good quality data, altough they have some restrictions on free accounts. To back up that I use MoonSearch. They are new and completely free for now.