In what conditions the three cms word press, joomla and drupal used over each other?

I am very much confused that when to use WordPress ,Joomla and Drupal?please also mentioned the comparison between three.

I would suggest trying out all three and then decide which one suits your needs best. All three CMSs have their pros and cons. Wordpress is easier to learn and has many templates to use in comparison with Drupal. On the other hand Drupal provides a lot out of the box, has strong admin interface and has higher learning curve because of everything that it can offer.

Wordpress is very flexible, you can create anything with it, but requires some modding, although its very easy to use. Joomla has more features out of the box, its easy to learn like wordpress, but its a bit heavier, and not a very good platform for blogging. Drupal its very hard to learn and hard to customize, but it`s got more features, more robust.

Hi it depends on what type of site you are building.

I have had personal experience with all three and my view is purely personal.

  1. Drupal is the most secure cms of the three. period. Military and government use this so there’s a hint.
  2. Wordpress is the most popular - so you get lots of support and stuff even matt cutts uses it instead of blogger
  3. Joomla is erm…good but not as popular as the other two and you an get customized and off the shelf versions.

hope this helps :slight_smile:


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