Wordpress and Joomla! / Drupal best scenario?

I have done lots of research on Joomla vs Wordpress vs Drupal, and it seems that since my site will not be as big as a site like Microsoft’s (no puns intended), I wound up going with Joomla!, because I heard it is great for smaller sites and it has more flexibility than Wordpress as a CMS. However, does anyone ever use Joomla! with Wordpress, or even Drupal with Wordpress because of the blogging features built in Wordpress? I’ve read all over that Wordpress, as I understand, has better blogging features than Joomla! does. I’m just trying to decide whether to have both on my web server (Joomla! along with mysite.com and another with blog.mysite.com for just the blogging). From what I understand, Drupal is not as easy as Joomla! for doing site maintenance. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or experiences would be helpful. I would love to see a discussion built on what everyone uses with Wordpress if they use it in combination (even if not Drupal / Joomla!) and maybe a reason why they use it in combination. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a hybrid platform that will do both blogging and a CMS. It is basically for a review, product, and educational website. I love how Wordpress is really easy for blogging, but I also like Joomla as a CMS. I did come across problems with templates in both systems, however. for example, it seems my host timesout when I try to upload big templates. I don’t know why that happens, but I know that can be another thread to discuss (i.e. why templates break in CMS systems). Another thing, Wordpress seemed to be a lot faster than Joomla when I installed it (both admin and viewing as a guest).

Both joomla and drupal come with their own set of challenges from a maintenance point of view. Wordpress…well, it’s actually gotten to be pretty easy.

Bottom line, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking for a blogging platform, a hybrid platform, or a CMS? What do you want it to do?

Wordpress is not the only blogging platform out there, and joomla/drupal aren’t the only CMSes out there.

On another note, if you want to keep your CMS separate from your blogging platform, that’s no problem either. Some folks do that. You don’t have to use “one platform to rule them all”.