Need a CMS


I don’t have time to evalaute all PHP CMS softwares here: one by one to choose the best. Can you recommend me which one is the best, most secure, most user-friendly and fastest?

Really?let me have a look

We are using clientexec - good, reliable, automated and comfortable.
Good luck.

clientexec is not a CMS but a billing manager. CMS stands for “Content Management System” something like WordPress, Joomla, PHP-Nuke etc.
I was asking about the best CMS.

There’s no such thing as a best CMS. Each will be better for some people, for some purposes. Wordpress, while built for the purpose of a blog, can be used successfully for other types of sites, and it is, IMO, easy enough to use.

I often use Joomla, but that may simply be due to habit. :slight_smile:

Does CMS not stand for Customer Management Script? :smiley:

Sorry for that.
Good luck.

In my opinion, the best CMS operating in the market is Joomla! The next good one is Drupal. You can check out these, and see if these match your requirements.

Joomla, mambo and drupal. I think you need to chose one of them

My recommendations for you would be.


I would recommend Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Xoops, Wordpress or PHP-Nuke.

I like how joomla works. Easy to manage and easy to install.

Easy to manage and easy to install.
Wordpress is just as easy, and has that super easy auto upgrade feature that’s worth a fortune. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried both: Wordpress and Drupal.
My vote for wordpress.

Try Silverlight perhaps? It’s quite simple and looks good. I have never liked using Drupal or Joomla. You might love it though.

Wordpress is really meant for blogging. However it can be used as a CMS quite easily. Just be prepared to customise it heavily to make sure it doesn’t look like “Just another Wordpress site”.

May recommendation is mambo or joomla. They look similar but they are not the same.

What kind of a site are you desiring to build? There is no one CMS which will fit every purpose.

Besides the already recommended WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal, the following are worth considering Jaws, glFusion, e107, ocPortal, Concrete5, Exponent, and Xaraya. You can find a short description and demo of many CMS solutions at [OpenSourceCMS]( / Portals).

It really does depend what you would like to do. If you’re looking to make a website go for Joomla/Drupal and if you’re going to be making a blog go for WordPress.

i used Joomla! before it is great tools but do take some time to learn and the key for me is FREE, i just pay for the learning time

I really like Frog CMS these days. Has all the basic features you want and is easy to customise.

I would love to see a site you have designed with Frog CMS. Please provide us with a url to a site which you have used Frog CMS.