WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, or JOOMLA for a corporate site

Hello guys I need your suggestions. I need a safe and SEO friendly CMS site to revised a corporate website that sells mobile phones.
What should I choose Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla? It should have SEO friendly Urls.
I really appreciate suggestions.

use drupal if you are good with php use wordpress if you dont know php drupal is the best by the way

I think the most important things that need to keep in mind while choosing the CMS is the requirement and the size of the project.
Till the time you are not fix with the size and requirement most of the CMS are useless, so first try to finalize all the possible requirement then it will be easy for you and for all of us to help you with the choice personally.
If your site is just simple with minimum level of customization then Wordpress can be ideal since now it is almost developed as a CMS.

But if you are thinking of big then try to have a look in to drupal that can be the ideal for large scale of site.

i have been developing websites for quite a few years now, and I have used all three of the mentioned CMS’s.

Wordpress and Drupal are great CMS’s. I would recommend either of them. Wordpress might be a bit easier to use and master if your php / mysql skills are at a beginner level.

Drupal is an awesome system and I would highly recommend you learn how to master it. The learning curve is steep, and you will want to pull your hair out while learning… but the pay off is worth it. You can build very rich web applications and websites using Drupal. Take a look at my portfolio, all my websites are developed using Drupal.

Both Wordpress and Drupal have great online communities and are well supported.

Good luck and have fun!

There are hundreds of different CMS products out there. I just finished writing my own called Barebones CMS:


But the CMS you use really depends on your needs. You should write down a list of what you need in a CMS and then find the CMS that fits best with those needs. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the “big names” in the industry but each one does things differently and meets different needs. There are hundreds of smaller CMS products - but most try to be like the big name products.

You should always use the right tool for the job. Requirements gathering is definitely a big part of figuring out what tool to use.

It comes down to how complex your site will be. For simpler sites with simple content and a few pages I would go Wordpress. For advanced sites with many pages and different content types go with Drupal. Drupal gives you the option to easily create custom content types such as “Employee” or something similar very easily (even though this is officially in WP 3 it still doesn’t compete with Drupal/CCK/Views for ease of use).

I gotta say WP has its problems… but it also makes some difficult things a breeze. I use it for every site… but my sites don’t go too deep. If you don’t have a lot of time is there a better choice?


Is this going to be a full blown eCommerce site or just an informational type site?

Wordpress usually gets my vote every time - but it might help you to start with a detailed list of all the features you need and then match that up with the best CMS for the job.

Last time I checked, Joomla wasn’t very SEO friendly.

Drupal can be very SEO friendly with the right modules. But if you haven’t used Drupal before - which sounds like you haven’t otherwise you’d not be asking this question - it may take you a considerable amount of time to develop a site.

Wordpress is pretty much the most SEO friendly out-of-the-box, and throw in a couple of modules and you its great for SEO (SEO is far more than just SEO-friendly URLs).

thanks for the reply sir, Ok I go with wordpress!

I totally agree witt it. I trid Drupal and can tell you that for a novie it will be really difficult to manage it.

I would also recommend to use WordPress with a ouple of plugins for eCommerce.

The main thing to think about is how are you going to manage a huge website with Wordpress. Drupal is a good idea, but it still has many issues with support, documentation, and usability. I think in this case Joomla is good. See this article, it briefly sums up the issue for WordPress and Joomla: http://nookeen.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/joomla-vs-wordpress-top-4-differences/


IMO, Wordpress is the best CMS we can use. Its user and SEO friendly. Can be used for any kinds of website or blog easily.

wordpress is best

There are some disadvantages of drupla. Those are as follows :
The Teaser : Drupal does not have a textarea to insert Introduction of Article (introtext), called as Teaser in Drupal.
No Backend
Language problem
Tabbed Form
So you can choose Wordpress. Because There are some advantages. Those are as follows :
Ownership and branding
Blogs never go dead
Categorized blogging
Plugins for customization
Reaching the world through pings

I would strongly consider MODX CMS (modx.com). I love it! And so do developers and designers alike.

What makes Modx a good CMS?

Be warned that modX is a non-technical persons nightmare unless a custom interface is developed that suits the business purposes at hand. The back-end is really for developers and designers, but not your average person who knows nothing about the technology. The modX back-end is based on the business layer, not the domain layer. Therefore, modX caters to designers who are willing to learn some basic “template language” opposed to fully grasping programming concepts and a “true” server-side language. As a programmer having spent some time with modX I rather use Drupal as its more flexible and provides a interface that a average human being “can” understanding, though there is still a learning curve. I’m far from a Drupal “fanboy” but with the latest release introducing fields, image cache and several other contributed modules into the core its in many ways one of the most powerful open source systems available. That isn’t even considering the large community backing and number of contributed modules available and many more well known funded. Of course it has its downfalls like anything, but speaking in terms of out of the box power, extensibility and community support it is one of the best open source systems available.

I’d go with the majority of comments. Wordpress is perfect for a simple website that has lots of pages and news and a calendar. Quick and easy out the box, great templates and lots of suppliers to assist.

However if this is the client who is likely to want to add custom functionality - a complex application that needs a database, I think that Drupal is the best CMS ever. It is particularly suited to Intranets that have new functionality requirements all the time and you need flexibility. However Drupal is currently going through a major version change and if you need your site right now a lot of the modules are in a state of flux.

If building a complex site is something you might do regularly, wait 3 months and then have a look at Drupal 7. It’s not something you want to implement quickly, but it’s a great product. Now that I know it, I would use it even for a simple site.