Importing database with shell script


I don’t know much about importing databases. I know some sql, but that is about it.

We relocated to another server. The guy gave me lots of .sql and .txt files, as well as one file.

I have a hosting at, linux plan. I created a new database in the control panel. Its name is different from the original database name. It was called “A” and when I created a new database on this server I called it “B”. Maybe I should delete the newly created database and just create one named “A” :slight_smile:

Anyways, I don’t really know what to do with this file.

Here are the instructions the guy gave me:

“the folder data you find all the database files (sql and txt) from the database. I created them this morning. Also you find a shell script ( for mysqlimport into the new database. Only thing is, you have to check, if all the tables are included in the script and add those, which are missing and you have to change the login information. Afterwards you can run it with the files.”


  1. How do I open and edit file?! Do I need some software for that?
    I tried importing .sql files using a simple Import tab of phpmyadmin. The problem is that the old database name is used inside of those .sql files.
    As I understand, I would need to edit one line of file, and all of those .sql files will be updated with a new database name?

I know I am dumb, but I have an excuse: I have never done or learnt how to do it before.

Also, when he made those back ups of the database… do i really need those .txt files? Should I also import them?

Well, he is going to be helping me with all of that tomorrow, but I thought I would try and do it myself if someone can explain me step by step. If not… well, will have to wait until tomorrow and I HATE WAITING :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.

All right, just managed to open this .sh file with Adobe Dreamweaver. Man, I really love their software! Those guys can do some amazing things, cannot they? I guess I can now easily edit all of these lines, make sure this file contains all of the tables and then i guess I would need to do something with it, right?