How do I import .sql creates and loads directly into MySql engine?

I am doing a project for school and we need to create a html website using PHP to communicate with a relational database (MySQL) and host it online. It is a website project that has to make use of a relational database. So far I am creating it with Apache + PHP + MySQL + basic html on my own local machine WinXP localhost and it works out…

The steps in the book demonstrate on how to create a database and table manually. But I have a bunch of .sql creates/loads/and inserts in .sql (text) format read to go and don’t want to manually type all that in from the command line. How can I bulk import all this directly into my MySQL engine so I can move on and start with the html/php stuff? I figured out how to use the workbench to draw the ERD models, but it exports into a bunch of .sql code/text and I still have to find a way to actually insert it into the InnoDB.

i don’t do command line stuff, but i believe it’s as simple as pointing to the .sql file –

shell> mysql db_name < script.sql 
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