Importing Database

Hi everyone,
I am looking at purchasing the database from this website

Just wondering how I can go about adding it to my website? Sorry, I am still pretty new to the MySQL / PHP side of things…

Any idea if I can use a pre-built CMS such as Drupal to import all of the data all at once and populate pages for me somehow? Or will I most likely need to use PHPmyAdmin to import the database and then find ways to communicate to the data using PHP?

Looking to get it up and running as quickly as possible so that a page is created for each vehicle.

The first thing you will need to receive is a layout of the CSV file from the company. With this you will need to generate the CREATE TABLE statement (if one does not already exist). Once the table is created and the data needs to be loaded you would use the LOAD DATA … INTO statement. Here is an example of the LOAD DATA … INTO