Please, help import data into tables


I would really use some help.

I have imported sql files (tables) with phpmyadmin.

All of the data that should be inside of this tables is saves in txt files.

Please, explain, in simple language, how I can import this data into tables.

My files are on linux hosting. I use Win. XP comp. to connect to phpmyadmin.

Really need help.

Thank you in advance.



  1. Open phpmyadmin.

  2. Click on “Import” in the top navigation.

  3. Select the file with SQL to be imported.

  4. Click “Go”.

As I initially described, I have already imported sql files with phpmyadmin. So, it was not in question. The question was about importing data into those sql tables! :-)… importing rows…

In any case, the question is off the table. I already hired a person and paid her $150 to do the work.


your original explanation as well as the follow up are not clear. you said you imported the data, where did you import it to then if you didn’t import it into the necessary tables?

Could have saved yourself the $150 if you had been more clear. At the same time, good for you for hiring someone instead of staring at a massive bottle neck if you didn’t understand it.