iMac vs. PC?

I’m thinking of getting a new iMac but I’m confused on a few things. It seems that a lot of the programs I use on Windows are not avaliable on iMac. It looks to me like there is a huge lack of free programs for iMac compared to all the free stuff for Windows. I can find just about any program I need as opensource or something similar for Windows.

I was also interested in programming on the iMac but I can’t even find many programming languages for it. I use C# to write Windows applications, or Java, PHP etc… but I don’t see and compilers or languages for iMac, at least not free ones.

I’m wondering if I decided to go with the iMac, if my options would be very limited as to what I can do. Maybe I’m wrong but it doesn’t seem like I have many options at all.

I found an iMac that I really like, but I’m just not sure if I should spend the money on it. It’s not looking like I can do much with it. But I have only ever used Windows PC in the past so I must be missing something.

And there’s VMWare Fusion! But I agree, get one of the three and stick a virtualized Windows partition on the device. Then you can run Windows when you need a Windows app, and Mac when you run a Mac app, heck you could even have Linux on the thing too so you end up with a three flavoured ice cream situation. :slight_smile:

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IDK I just heard that Macs were really reliable. Also, they look really cool compared to a PC. The new iMac design is awsome! The operating system also looks better then Windows, and seems to run faster and smoother as far as I played with the store demo computer.

Also, it takes up very little space because the computer is built into the monitor so you only have one component on your desk.

Also, it has a 3 year on-site warranty that covers all parts and labor. Its much better then any PC warranty I’ve ever gotten.

I would really like to replace my PC with the iMac but I just don’t know if it’s possible.

You can get MAMP for Macs so you can write php, etc. Apart from that I don’t know what else is available for Macs. I personally have always gone for Windows.

Mac OS X comes with developer tools that you can use for programming for the Mac. For software, including free software, check out a site like MacUpdate.

iMacs are like twice as expensive as PCs for the same specs.

If I’m going to run Windows anyway I might as well just pay 1/2 the price and get a PC, instead of a Mac.

I decided not to get the mac. It was $1200 with an i3, 4GB RAM, 360GB HD.

I get a PC with an i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, for $1000.

You can run Windows inside OSX using Parallels or Bootcamp, that allows you to run any Windows applications you have or want to buy in future.

Don’t forget that the Windows eco system typically has a lot more applications overall that Macs do, simply because it’s more widley used, but the ratio of free vs commercial is probably about the same.