Computer for classes?

Hey, new to the site and forums… I’ve created websites before using html, flash, and javascript (with the help of CoffeeCup), as well as created user docs and CBT modules, and am going back to school to get more edjumucashun. Always a good thing. :lol:

I have the option to buy a fully loaded macbook pro, with all kinds of web development software from a friend who is a developer, for $600. Good deal, I’m going to do that no matter what, but here’s my question…

So many web-based products are run on IE, should I also invest in a good windows laptop? Or desktop? Can I do this gig with only a mac, or do I need to have a windows machine as well?

Any and all opinions are welcomed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Use table layouts instead of CSS hacks!!! Get good at Javascript, then you’ll get a fun layout without worry about that CSS “hacking” for looks and in the end not working. Mac or PC, it doesn’t matter.

Ummm… Yeah. That doesn’t make sense, but thanks for the input…?

You should be able to run a partition to boot both windows and mac… I think… I know you can double boot windows and linux.

Anyways, I’m not sure 100% but I think I remember hearing about a mac IE emulator or something. I would look into one of these options before buying another computer out right when you may not need to.

Then again personally I wouldn’t run a mac anyways, but that’s me haha

Hi, TXTornado, and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Unless your school course is using Windows-only software, then I’d say no, don’t bother. I work entirely on Linux using Bluefish, which is a free editor. I do have a dual-boot with Windows, but I only use the Windows side to double-check sites in IE and Windows versions of other browsers. You can also use something like VirtualBox on your Mac to do the same thing, or use a service like [URL=“”]BrowserCam.

BTW, I think Polyhedra was being ironic. (I sincerely hope so - it was dreadful advice. :eek:)

you can make windows and linux pertion to use both operating sysstem in an single pc.for mac i think there is no such software which give you option to install mac in a normal pc/laptop.

the apple corperation, if I saw correctly said it’s illegal to use Mac OS on not macs.

p.s. mac or pc it doesn’t matter