Running Parallels On A Mac


Has anyone had experience running Parallels on a Mac?

I wanted to know if running Internet Explorer on a Mac using Parallels gives you the usual PC buggy crashes, freezes and lockups?

We desperately want to ditch our PC workstation for a Mac but still need to use IE.

I use VMWare Fusion rather than Parallels. After comparing the two, I was sold on VMWare. One of the points against Parallels was that people were reporting persistent ads popping up, whereas there’s nothing like this with Fusion.

Anyhow, FWIW, I use IE on Fusion (been using it about 5 years) and haven’t yet had any freezes or crashes … not that I use it much, mind you. I do find Fusion tends to be a bit slow to start up etc, though, so I only fire it up when I really have to—though once IE is open and ready to go it’s fine from there.

Another thing to consider, though: if you are mainly going to use Windows on the Mac, you can boot up directly into Windows, rather than using a virtual machine; and I’d say that would be the better way to go if you aim is just to get away from a PC.

I use VirtualBox (free) and have had no issues when running windows VM’s. I get mine form modern.IE. Since I got a mac. I have never looked back at windows. :smile:

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Thanks for the reply guys :smile:
ralph, is VMware Fusion complicated to setup?

No, not at all. It installs like most paid software—that is, automatically. Then you just click an intuitive button to create a virtual machine, give it a name, and slip in your Windows disc to install as normal. Very easy.

I’d love to use the VirtualBox that bpartch mentioned, but the instructions were way too geeky for me to understand.

It just installs like any other software. Then you install your Windows ISO/Disk on a VM you create with the Wizard. I’m not sure how long it’s been since you used it, but I actually find it more intuitive than VMWare products.


LOL, If I can get it working anyone can. :wink:

If I had more cash to blow I would by parallels again. I have version 7 around here someplace. Just can’t justify buying it again. :frowning:

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