Question about keyword usage


My knowldge of SEO is reasonable but still i get confused about certain things.

I am trying to get my site indexed. When I google my url i get a snapshot of how the site appeared on the 31 Jan. So thats nearly 2 months ago.

Currently the title of my home page is “Web Page Templates for web Designers”

“Web page templates” - has a high search volume
Whereas “templates for web designers” has much less.

My question is…

Do you think it is worth starting off with - “templates for web designers”, and then several months after the site is indexed try again with the more competitive phrase? Would this be considered good practice. To start small and work up once the site has gained trust?

Any thoughts?


I submitted an article to article directories including ezine. Many articles have already been approved.
I have submitted the url to at least 100 page rank 3+ directories.
Understandably, approval from link directories can take time.


First, don’t focus on trying to rank for every keyword. Pick a few keywords and get links for those keywords. Once you start to see results and get top ten rankings, then start on other keywords as well. You probably won’t get desired results if you are going after too many keywords.

If you would like to change the Title completely new", you will need to add new content according to it. Because both of your titles have some relevancy with each other, I think it is better if you can amend according to the new Title and also I believe you may not loose your present keyword ranking, additionally can benefit the new search terms ranking!

Ok thanks for your replies.

At the moment i have only optimised for two phrases.
“web page templates” and “templates for web designers”.

I was hoping that i would first get picked up under the phrase “templates for web designers” since there is little competition for this phrase.

Im assuming the problem is that i am in google’s sandbox. I just read an article and it stated that I have to wait approximately 6-8 months to get out. And according to this article and a few others that i have read It seems that there’s nothing that can be done to speed up the sandbox process

I was previously under the impression that I could get out of the sandbox by gaining good quality inbound links which is what i have been trying to do.

I guess I just need to wait 6-8 months. :frowning:

What do you think?

Thanks again.

I think that sandbox or not, SEO is going to take time. You need to become the most relevant site for that phrase if you want to rank well for it. You won’t win in the long term by cheating the system or taking shortcuts (not that I’m saying you are!).

Keep building those backlinks, and keep producing the content you need for people to voluntarily link to you. That means producing templates people really want to use and tell other web designers about. Non-trivial work unless you can produce at the same level of quality as the designers you want to convince to use and share your work!

And keep an eye on what the other sites that rank well for those phrases are doing. You might want to set up Google Alerts their site names, their domain names, and your phrase. That’ll have Google send you e-mails every day with what’s going on all over the web that you wouldn’t otherwise know – who’s placing new links to those sites, who’s creating new pages with your keywords (new competition), etc.