If you were going to make a niche website

Lets say I want to target a niche market. I know I can rank and make money. Do I need my domain name to have keywords in it? Lets say I want to target weight loss. I make my domain something like superfastweightloss.com and I build my website.

Would it matter if the website had keywords in it? Could I do something like yourinfosource.com instead and be a more broad website talking about multiple topics and still rank for weight loss?

I am trying to see if I should target many things with like a review website or just be an authority website in a tiny niche? Back in the day 4 page niche websites worked well but I hear that is not the case any longer since uh panda update years ago?

For what purpose? For SEO? Amazon doesn’t have keywords in the domain and managed to do very nicely, despite that.

Where keywords may be helpful, I think, is for customers looking for something specific on the internet. If you want, say, hand-knitted baby clothes and two result come up, one called janeshandknits.com and the other called pinkdaisy.com, which would you be more likely to look at first? I’d head for the one that I know has hand-knits. (That’s not to say everybody would feel the same. wink)

On the other hand, some domain names just sound out-and-out Spammy (like superfastweightloss.com) and I would probably avoid clicking on them, if possible.

So the answer really is to ask for whose benefit you are choosing the domain name, and then think it through from that viewpoint.

Search engines return results based on the best match for the search query. What the rest of the site is about is not really relevant. Pages on weight-loss in a general “health” website would make sense. Trying to be all things to all people and covering any topic could be a mistake, though, as you won’t look authoritative on any subject and potential visitors might prefer to go to a more specialised site.

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So basically now days, you want to be an authority site in a niche? Like I would want to be all about knitting and have a relevant but brandable website name. KnittingKing.com for instance? Ranking is more based on content and quality of said content now days right?

You’ve got it in one!


How do like eCommerce websites rank so well with almost no content? Is it then about relevance? They want to buy a weight loss product and the site sales weight loss supplements so it ranks well with one or two lines of text for each product.

Sure it’s better to have a domain name with a keyword included. It’s for seo and easy ways to find your website very important.

There are loads of ranking factors that all come into play. Some others include quality links to their site. E.G there could be a article about a health product on a trusted website with a link to buy it on the site in question. This adds to the sites ranking. The big search engines are also getting better at guessing (or learning from mountains of data) what type of thing you are looking for. You are relatively likely to be wanting to purchase health suppliments if you seach for ‘cod liver oil tablets’ rather than just read about them. Whereas if you searched ‘What’s in cod liver oil tablets’ or ‘Are cod liver oil tablets good for you’ you are likely to get more results that are articles.

Content is not necessarily loads of verbose text.

Additionally big sites pay lots of money to advertise, which drives more traffic which can ultimately lead to being a trusted site which then returns more organic results.

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