Niche keyword in domain name plays any significant factors in SERP?

Does niche play a very important role in the domain Name?

20 calculators of math formula, for example, with different URLS on the same domain - Does the domain need to have calculator in its registration to give more search engine exposure or that is not too important anymore?

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Does the niche of the website need to have keyword in domain name to increase search engine exposure or reach or competitive edge?

Short answer is no: the domain name is one very small factor in SEO and what matters primarily is the page content. Many big companies have names which in no way reflect their area of business, and it does not affect their success.


Thanks. I also prefer short and crisp names instead of big names because the core vocabularies are already booked many years back and their variations will make them big looks as second fidel, and cheap.

If you go a few years back, yes, at that time your domain name would have significant impact on SEO but at that time, ranking and optimization was much simpler.
Google realized that most of these websites lack good content and changed it parameters soon. Now, it’s your website content and effectiveness that would help you with SEO.
So, the answer is NO, niche in the domain name is not essential. You better opt for something catchy and innovative instead.


Thanks for help mam. You got my point when you used words such as: Catchy and Innovative. thanks for investing your time in the post.


What’s with the random use of bold @codeispoetry? It makes no sense and just makes your posts difficult to read.


I will take care in future. Sorry for this.


I’m probably not the best to respond to this, because I really don’t care too much about website rankings and getting an edge in SERP’s. But for my two cents: Keyword stuffing your domain name just makes it more difficult for me to remember your site name. is a lot easier to remember than And frankly, looks less fishy in a link.

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no niche can be different and domain name can be different there is no problem for that

Anytime. Glad to help.

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if we are talking about 5 years back that time domain plays a vital role in SEO strergy. NOw that time where google update so many algorithms and do many changes in fectors on seo than domain not playing that much important role. but yes not 0%.
Let’s take a example, as everybody knows that google serve only that pages who max relevant to the query. if your domain name is food recipy and someone serch best food recepy than there has high posiblity that google server your page as a result.

According to me adding niche to your website has no effect on your search engine exposure.
You can take an example of Amazon. What niche does it reflect?

Also, here’s an article by SEJ that can give you in-depth information, do check this out:

Amazon was selected from a dictionary because it was “exotic and different”. You don’t confuse amazon for ebay, or your local grocery store, because it stands out.

Domain names and keywords do share some similarity - attention getting, and memory retention.

Does it have a direct effect on your SERP? No. Can it have an indirect effect, either positive or negative? Yes.


True, They are gigantic. All search engines crawling infrastructure will be especially dedicated for these websites.

Relevance do play role in memory and branding as you pointed out.

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