Keywords Position in domain names


Say I am targeting the following keyword : cheap cars

Would the domain names : and have the same SEO value for the keyword :cheap cars ?


of course the best bet is to use the domain keywords in the order that you target. if you are targeting “cheap cars buy” its cheap-cars-buy etc. Even if the order you want is not available having the domain that contains your keywords is pretty good.

As for your suggested domain, make sure its good for real users as well rather than just search. “cars cheap” is less likely to be searched than “cheap cars” so you have to think accordingly.

I think it would be better to remove the cross-bar in the middle of your domain name.


It helps, but no.

If the keyword is in the domain name then that’s better than if it’s not. If the keyword is in the URL, then that’s better than if it’s not. But NIETHER of those need to be true for a site to rank number 1, even for a competitive phrase. I would never consider the keyword in the domain a dominating factor - but there’s no doubt that it is a factor.

I had ranked very well (#1) for a key phrase with the following domain name:
So it can work. Everything depends on the backlinks. But In case if a is available and makes sense, then i would go for that

i would suggest . think if you need to remember the domain you will memorize “cheap cars” better than “cars cheap”. also same with the search engines as person will first search for keyword “cheap cars” hardly somebody will type “cars cheap”.

Of course add your main keyword in the domain name!!

But this will not work without doing hard working seo! Its not easy there are so many competitors…

Google will consider the order of words in the domain name, file name, page title and everywhere else - if you can get an exact match for the phrase that people are most likely to type in, that is likely to give you an advantage.

seriocomic : I am aware that one cannot solely depend on the domain name to leverage highly competitive keywords.
Still I think that the domain name could probably be a dominating factor in a website that has good content even for competitive phrases. I mean when people search , aren’t a big portion of them looking for search results which have the search related terms in the domain name ?

with cheap cars I would go for something like:

If everything else was equal (and it never is), then you might get a slight advantage for someone typing in “cheap cars” for and/or “cars cheap” for

But really - if you’re spending more than 5 minutes on this, then you’ve spent 4 minutes too long…

Hero terms for highly competitive search phrases are almost impossible to leverage via domain names (almost impossible, but not impossible) - it’s just that there are so many other methods to gain an advantage.

I would put for effort into your branding than domain-name. If your brand is “cheap cars” or “cars cheap” then that’s a different story.

Put yourself in Google’s position. If, as you considered all the signals that make a page more relevant than another one, you had to choose between those two domains to decide which one is more relevant for the search ‘cheap cars’, which one would you choose?

any other opinions? is better than I don’t think so any different in both domain name.

why not you can target that particular keyword.It has one advantage that is your domain has targeting keyword.It helps to get search engine rank very soon.