If you could live anywhere in the world

If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
My bf and I went to the Greek Islands a couple of years ago and decided that when our kids leave home we’re going to do 6 months a year here in NZ and 6 months in Paros. Chase the summer…

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Xining China.

10,000 feet high in western China. Generally cool in the summer with AWESOME thunderstorms.

I haven’t seen nearly enough places to decide really, but I definitely wouldn’t mind an apartment in Paris!

Hard to say since all my traveling has only been in the states…Australia is a place I’ve been curious about, along with Japan.

Working on getting my passport now so I can start traveling hte world with my vacation days.

Bora Bora Hot all year round.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few places: Australia, Canada & Vietnam. I’d move back to Vietnam, amazing people and culture, even better food. I have such a soft spot for Canada too.

I travelled throughout Europe for 6 months and I’d definitely live in a few places there. Croatia was stunning. I could easily see myself living for a stint by the sea in Croatia. Somewhere like Zadar or Trogir. Or Prague, I loved exploring the small alleyways of Prague. That would be a fascinating city to live in.

Argh - now I want to go travelling again! :stuck_out_tongue:

We went to Port Douglas in far north Queensland last year, and I was overwhelmed with a desire to move there.

But I’m sure I’d feel that way about any pretty, exotic place—like the Greek Islands, French Riviera etc. etc.

When I’m in nice places like this, I look at the faces of the locals. I quickly realise that the place is only highly desirable because I’m not there every day, grinding out a living and focused on survival. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Easy - the island of St Martin/St. Maarten.

85F in the winter/86F in the summer and don’t usually have to worry about hurricanes. My kind of weather.

Beautiful beaches, good snorkeling, prices are reasonable for in the Caribbean.


Somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland, without question. Perhaps Inverness, although it can be kind of busy, there. OR, somewhere near Loch Torridon, up high on a hill so I can see the big blue sky spreading out across the loch that reflects the distant hills.

EDIT: Just in case anyone was wondering what that might look like. :sunny:

Loch Torridon

So far, it would have to be Scotland for me. I have a number of other places in the world that I want to visit, so that may change.

…older topic. I’ve visited a few places.

Best place to live; my home country… USA. If they ever kick me out, I would waffle between Australia and New Zealand. If that didn’t work out I guess I’d have to go to Canada.

I have been fortunate to have visited well over thirty countries, brief stay in some, quite lengthy (months) in others and a couple of years in the Middle East on my way back from the Overland Hippy Trail from UK to Kathmandu.

As far as beautiful places the most picturesque were Cape Town, South Africa and Hobart, Tasmania, Australia’s only island state. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was also rather nice, managed about six months there.

Eventually unpacked my bags and now living in the City of Angels, Land of Smiles, Thailand, where the weather suits my clothes and the people do actually enjoy their lives.

I think Monaco is a great place to live, once I retire from work. XD

I’m pretty happy where I am just now.

If I had to move back to a city/town, I think I might choose Inverness. We’re going there next week on holiday. (Well, we’re going there because Running Bear is taking part in their Half Marathon, but then we’re staying on for a few days holiday.)

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Almost anywhere but Riyadh. The again, there a few other parts of the region I’d give a pass to…

Given a choice though, probably the English Lake District, as I’ve almost forgotten what rain looks like…

I’m sure that your island is lovely but I still prefer Spanish weather and food :stuck_out_tongue:

It is good to be happy where you are… and I’m happy where I am too. Maybe in the future I can think of this. There are advantages and disadvantages in all places so…

In a vineyard in southern spain.

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All my life I wanted to live on the other side of the fence, because the grass is greener over there. One day I finally managed to get over that fence … but after a few days, the grass where I came from started to look greener. Now I’m back home again. But no matter which side I’m on, the grass always looks greener on the other side. Very confusing. :confused:

I remember reading this by Shakespeare:

All places that the eye of heaven visits
Are, to a wise man, ports and happy havens.

I have no idea what he was on about, though.


I always thought it was the journey that counts and not the destination :slight_smile:

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Not when the fence is barbed wire, dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

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